Brutal Age-How to play the primitive temple?

What are the techniques of the primitive temple of the barbaric age? Do not know to see today’s 9k9k Xiaobian answer it:
The first is that everyone is familiar with the brush their own color with the tribe almost no death, brush finished treatment, brush finished treatment, but get up late, wake up in the morning, was brushed to death, is also common.
But there are several points, so that we make mistakes, even brush the same color, but also the big UNITA, pick things not afraid, worried or beat the process, was supported, because people hit their own hospital explosion is possible, you have to determine the honeycomb Position or stare, or you have absolute combat power rolling, support is not afraid, anyway, support is also sent to the material, (because if the strength is almost not rolling in the case of support, even if your hospital, so treatment, then brush Points, get the third chest to accelerate is also better than your original resources and accelerated, that the popular point is to do so primitive activities are a disadvantage)
The second method is to withdraw the Union, brush their own people. To discuss the good line, how many soldiers at home, you wave of my wave, eat resources, 24h activities time, do not accelerate the use of resources, one or two million three or four waves are enough filled, Generally low in the third reward box is very small, but for the combat power to hit certain requirements, are 24 * 3 acceleration, note: the last wave, brush full of activities, enough to put the hospital soldiers, slowly treatment , Do not waste to speed up, the other hiding
The third method for the low station on what hope, and other colors, assemble and beat people to time opposite the reaction time. Single brush, then it will die, so it is said that you brush him (in his / her online case, is the brush you), in addition to the team can find the team to play or build their own trumpet brush, no other way , High war t45 a rolling no injury line, do not have to say anything right Activities filled with simply too small meaning, so that the development of advanced arms is the main.
For our peace hobbyists, open a day on Sunday, do not go out to collect, nothing matter, remember Oh, do not look at the world on Sunday. Foul language everywhere.
Have the energy. You can tune an early morning alarm clock, paste the face brush brush others, filled with open, time-tested.
Or around half past seven o’clock on Monday, looking for people, then are relaxed when the vigilance, all that the end of the collection of activities collected, shell time is almost to. Xiao Bian I was not that energy, would rather eight from early
Talk about the Institute of it, the development will not say, there are strongholds, have stated that the details of the attack only. And did not say it at all. t1 would not have said
t2 front is the training camp five, the Institute of eight
t3 front of the Institute 15 and you need to attack the arms of eight, (recommended single-line development, do not three points together, the first one, so that t345 are very fast)
t4 is the unit defense 11 single line defense 11 single line of life value 11
t5 in addition to the investigation are full, including 25 study the temple. This is more difficult
Embarrassing is the 25 temple front is the home camp 25 25 anyway 25 lot