King of Avalon-how do I gather Resources?

Avalon Wang resources how to collect?
Collect resources

King of Avalon

We all know that the resources in the game is very important, players need to collect resources in the game, so that it can quickly improve their own strength, so that players can be easier in the early development.

In the collection, the players need to send troops to occupy the resource point, and then collected on it.

Collection method

Select a resource point and then click on the occupation, send out your troops click on the march, after a certain period of time, march troops arrived at the destination, you can start collecting resources, and wait until the resource collection reached the upper limit of the load, it will automatically return city.

Increase the resource load ceiling to get more resources.

Want to get more and better resources, first of all need to upgrade their resource load cap, and then can get more resources, through the talent, dragon skills, research technology and acquisition class to enhance props can increase the total amount of resources So that you can get more resources to go home.