When the lord was caught what should I do?-Lords Mobile Guide

Lords Mobile – lords were caught by a stranger what should I do?

Lords were arrested how to save back?

Sometimes off the assembly line did not hide, came back to find the lords were arrested by a stranger to jail how to do? The app4vn editor give everyone to bring To Lords Mobile lords were arrested to solve Raiders, we come to see it ~

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Lords Mobile lords are caught Raiders

1, e-mail conversation, good attitude, generally very good to speak, but if you encounter some people who are very bad attitude is no way.

2, issued a bounty, the main point of the head, in the grasp of your coordinates below the general 10W can. Do not put 100W and then no one to save or people put you on, embarrassed. (Note: the bounty is not refundable, whether it is released or saved)

3, the Union: most people should have their own small alliance or major league, and the Union more or less have their own network of relationships, you can ask for help.

4, force crusade: This is what I am not very recommended, after all, development is also very important, but the game is not to be happy, so it can not force its crusade, if the strength can also find their own Ally, allies generally do not sit idly by, of course, this situation is definitely not back to the lord.

In fact, the game is still a lot of good people, so most of the first case can put their lords to come back