How to choose talent?- Lords Mobile Guide

Lords Mobile equipment recommended equipment with how to match

Lords Mobile

details as follows:

Talent in general to prepare two sets

Fighting talent: all added to the military side, to reach

Legion attack power 1 (5 points full),

Legion Life 1 (15 o’clock)

Legion Life 2 (50 points full)

Legion Defense 2 (50 points full)

And then talent point on the point of archers attack 3 (50 points full)

Cavalry attack 3 (50 points full)

Production talent:

Production side

Research 1 (10 points full)

Building 1 (10 o’clock)

Research 2 (20 points full)

Building 2 (20 points full)

What is your single resource (50 points full)

Military side

Barracks training speed 1 (15 points full)

Barracks training speed 2 (35 points full)