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Lords Mobile

Mobile Lords Mobile (Lords Mobile) combines a fantastic RPG adventure and stimulating SLG campaign with an epic gorgeous battle to create a subversive strategy game. How can a young lord become a good king, let the “three minute ultimate Cheats” bring you the skills to build technology, heroes, and offensive and defensive campaigns. First chapter “internal affairs” quot; presented here.

Lords Mobile (Lords Mobile)’s internal affairs mainly involves three aspects, namely, resources, construction and technology research and development. Novice stage, according to the guidance within the game can step by step, to guide the task can wait until the lack of resources to open. Task refresh recommended early use, can quickly upgrade the level of defense. As soon as possible to join the Union, standing on the shoulders of the giant, often more with less.


Resource collection can be an additional material for synthetic lord equipment, and the properties of the equipment are extremely important for R & D and combat power additions. Therefore, the leisure time can be collected more than 3 resources, the proposed multi-brush stone, the early completion of three accelerated research and development of the “Moon Elf Piccolo”.

novice or independent players, according to the development needs of the Kingdom, early to collect stone mainly in the late wood-based, gold coins have been scarce resources; if the stable alliance, can be assigned members of a single resource, Deployment, which not only reduces the individual players in the talent, equipment, heroes and other aspects of decentralized investment, but also to ensure resource production, but also to avoid being plundered by high war.

“wood” later consumption more

Tips: rush troops do not consume food, farmland can, do not hoard grain; as soon as possible to unlock the resource plots, second-order soldiers enough to be able to occupy the number of “sacred land” And then unlock the acquisition of three or four resources to meet the daily needs, to avoid the odd area five resources to be high war players hit the mine, the resource consumption followed by wood, stone, iron ore, early stone tension, late wood scarce.


building system is relatively simple, give priority to upgrade the main castle, 13 out of second order soldiers, 17 out of third order soldiers. As the embassy involving the number of reinforcements, but also need to upgrade in time.

In addition to the allocation of resources, the choice of the number of military buildings, although vary, but should pay attention to: manor can increase the speed of troops and corps offensive force, the hospital plus wounded capacity, barracks only increase the amount of single troops. Therefore, the novice and rush to recommend the main manor, the hospital supplement; the main battle lords can be reversed, the purpose of more dead soldiers into injuries, reduce medical costs; barracks one to two enough.

“Manor” to improve the training speed of the Army

Tips: second-order soldiers in the main period, the size of the hospital must be able to accommodate all the troops, to protect the relatively smooth to the third-order soldiers, and so on and then transition to the fourth-order soldiers. Hospital admission to the soldiers from the bottom of the order, beyond the capacity part of the death of the soldiers, because the cost of treatment and time than the soldiers were more favorable, please pay attention to the timely adjustment of the number of major arms.

Technology R & D

Technology research and development is a step by step, with the level of upgrading to level research and development can be. Need to pay attention to: economic and technological priority construction, collection and weight; military and advanced technology to third-order soldiers, after the completion of the development of fourth-order soldiers, and infantry, cavalry priority.

The recommended R & D priorities are economic, military (including advanced), monster hunting. Economic priority to enhance the speed of construction, collection efficiency and weight, to accelerate the development of military priority to enhance the emergency, cost, medical care; hunting priority damage, consumption, batter.

“Cost” and “first aid” effectively reduce excessive consumption

Tips: with good technology and hell tasks to complete the time, can maximize the benefits; espionage technology may not consider the peacetime.


After the emergence of merchant ships, unless the current shortage of resources, the other can be replaced; hell activities priority to complete the task of research and development, pay attention to the preparation time and the end of time; trap role is icing on the cake, can be set after the advanced, no.