How to match equipment?-Lords Mobile Guide

Details as follows:

Equipment to be divided into three sets (here I list 30-50 class equipment, and then add less low, rose to green on it, do not rise to blue and purple)

(40 class shoes) or the battlefield killing (40 shoes), injury Ji (the level of shoes), the king of the Austrian chain armor (40 armor), the sea hunting proof (35 shoes) 35 weapons) or light and wisdom (27 weapons),

Vomiting blood recommended: guardian of the bracelet (40 jewelry) will be out, 17 with two

2. R & D package (upgrade research and development time longer remember to put on): cavalry to withstand (35 armor), imprisoned grip (40 deputy)

Vomiting blood recommended: Moon Elf Piccolo (40 jewelry) will be out, 17 with two

3. Attack package: see their own preferences

Special Note: All bonuses are effective before you use it.

Such as the construction of 10% of the additional equipment, you have to wear and then point to build, can play a 10% acceleration effect, after the end of the time will not change.