How to match the hero line in Arena?-Lords Mobile Guide

Lords Mobile lineup with heroes how to match

Lords Mobile Arena Defense Heroes Raiders:


First, only consider the case of competitive civilians: hunter + roses + nurse + anger + gold fat

1, no gold fat cultivation of ice.

2, have the ability to replace the hunter night crow (rear professional play Tucker).

3, the night crow is more suitable for sports than the hunter, but the night crow in addition to competitive use, the other is useless, the hunter is an infantry bonus.

Second, the defense hero: hunter + rose + anger + ice + gold fat

1, spare defense: highly toxic and bombs 1. soldiers mainly make infantry and archers, cavalry less, because the above recommended hero plus main plus infantry and archers, infantry cavalry archers about 3: 1: 6 or 4: 0: 6 or 3: 0: 7 or 2: 1: 7 ‘

2, the main points of talent Legion bonus infantry defense life bonus archers attack bonus because there are front row infantry in the archers only point attack bonus.

3, the main trap to build the archers of the arrow tower.

4, the main study of infantry defense and life archers attack bonus, have the ability to go to study the walls.