Players Unknown Battle Grand: the clone of the PUBG for Android smartphones with Minecraft graphics

Among the huge amount of games that we can see on Google Play, it is inevitable to find some that are very inspired by other titles, whether Android or other platforms. However, we can find titles that try to differentiate themselves from those “originals” in some visible way, such as the case of the Players Unknown Battle Grand.

This title is based on the famous game Playerunknown’s BattleGrounds, in which a group of players parachute to an isolated area and have to finish with each other until only one is left. The game that occupies us, in spite of the similarity of the name, differs clearly in the graphics, very similar to those of Minecraft.


In Player Unknown Battle Grand the mission is the same: to finish with the rivals. Each map can have up to 20 players and, in certain areas, there are hidden weapons to use against the enemy. Unlike in the PUBG, this time is committed to some graphics like those of Minecraft, something that gives this game a pretty friendly air.

Testing Player Unknown Battle Grand

Pubg 2
Being a kind of clone of one of the most famous titles to date, I could not resist to try it to see what is hidden in the bowels of this game. The fact of betting on these graphics means that you do not need the latest in mobiles to be able to run the game with fluidity, although you can always lower the quality of them if you are slow.

The controls are quite simple: in the left area we have the virtual joystick, on which you can see an icon that serves to run. More centered, in the lower area, we have the weapons that we find. The right half we will use to control the camera and make use of the buttons to reload weapon, jump, use the sight and attack (by default this button does not appear, but if you deactivate the auto-attack you can use it).

Pubg 4
In general the game works quite well, I have not encountered performance problems even with the graphics to the maximum, although I have to confess that I am really bad and it has cost me the unspeakable to find a decent weapon. The most negative part of this game is that there is not a mini tutorial that guides you through the controls, you go directly to the mess, which is an inconvenience for the new ones.

As money accumulates, character changes can be made, including ‘skins’ or accessories such as caps. The game is free download, and after each game there are ads that you can jump to four or five seconds. Fans of this type of game will find in this title a nice alternative to invest from a few minutes to hours. Have you dared to try it?