How to play Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen medical clinic

Love Nikki-Dress The UP Queen’s mystery event was officially opened today, but players’ comments from the level’s Raiders will reveal that some players’ rules regarding the activities of the mystery at the medical clinic are not yet very clear. The compilation brings you special love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s medical riddle.

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s Medical Mystery Civilian (High Scores) Raiders 1 Sea Cherry’s Entrustment 2 Devil’s Clinic 3 Peach test 4 Peach test 2 5 Peach test

How does the sixth contract answer?

First of all, let’s talk about the answer game of the sixth contract book; the player will finally be selected according to the story according to the direction of the story to choose the angel and choose the white angel, “123” to receive the blessing & rdquo; After you select the package will receive a half-price conversion discount; In addition the player to & ldquo; receive blessing & rdquo; before re-answer to get different options;

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen医疗所之谜

Which of the two suits is better?

For this question, from the total number of contracts required, the number of the two is 2028. There is no difference in quantity. Is there any difference in the attributes of the clothes? Of course there are, from the top analysis of the two,

& ldquo; white demon & rdquo; top of the pack with the number of “狡黠 angel” & rdquo; more parts of the set ; if you do not care Set attributes, 狡黠 angels certainly look better;

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Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen医疗所之谜攻略

The mystery of the medical checkpoint rules

The rules of the mystery of the medical clinic and the clown before it The level rules of the event are the same; before the level begins you will see the score requirements for this level, take the

first level as an example , and the player’s match score needs to be higher than your opponent by 15000-25000 points. The score between can get the most 6 contracts ; Even if you get S, you can only get 5 contract books ;

Example: opponent gets 50,000 points, your match score It must be between 65000-75000 minutes to get 6 covenants;

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen医疗所之谜

The above is how the riddle of the medical institute plays the Raiders, more Love Nikki-Dress For UP Queen, please click to enter the 4399Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen.

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