Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen peach peach test 3 peach how to match the test

Love Nikki-Dress The UP Queen’s mystery event is officially open today. Players can earn up to 6 contract books through the points in a specified range, and immediately bring you the test of Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Peach. Raiders and the test of how to match the Raiders.

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Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen3 peach peach test

Note: In order to better match the scores of each level, this pass does not require the use of skills, do not use skills!

Score requirements are higher: 10000-20000 points;

Number of contracts: 6

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen医疗所之谜攻略

Recommended with:

You can use one-button suit “White Angel” but the score is still high, so if has a white angel suit It is necessary to remove headdress and gloves ; if there is a low score or too high, use a warm smile or add a headdress or jewelry; >

Hair: Little Nurse;

Dress: Daytime Angel;

Socks: Nurse Socks;

Shoes: Nurse Shoes;

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen医疗所之谜攻略

These are the challenges of the Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Medical Center’s Mystery 3 Peach. For more information on Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen, click here to view the 4399 Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s Guide.

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