Mystery of the Medical Center 3 Challenges of Peach Peach

The third point of the mystery of the medical institution, hitting 6 contracts. The attributes are minimally lively, cute, sexy and cool, and TAG is a medical messenger. Skills only need to bring an [immune picky], to prevent the opposite, so picky (especially simple, nothing to do, pay close attention to the NPC’s skills, NPC put you picky right away immunization against live on the line) must be tight

Peach’s Test 1

Attributes: Simple, Lively, Cute, Sexy, Cool

[Hair] Nurse (Clothes Shop)

[Dress] Angel of White (drawing)

[Lookup] Sweetheart (Login)

[Facial] Moustache Eye Mask (Login)

【Tips】 nurse caps (4-7 girls level)

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Name brand women’s, skin care products: a discount limit grab