Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Demon’s Clinic High Scores Clearance Raiders

Love Nikki-Dress There are more than one way to solve the mystery of the UP Queen’s Medical Center. In order to take care of most of the players, the Raiders are carefully selected and the difficulty is relatively low. Clothes, and what skills are not pressed are also likely to be successful. But if you want to pass 100%, be sure to pay attention to the [skill release method] in addition to the clothes given by the Raiders! The 1st, 2nd, and 5th levels only need to bring a smile skill, NPC picks every time , immediately press smile, two times to be picky, press twice, in addition to nothing! The third level only need to bring an immune picky, prevent all picky 100% clearance! 4th level what skills do not need to press, Look!

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s Riddle gets up to 6 contracts per level (Your score is higher than the NPC’s in the prescribed fraction. Inside), a ghost icon appears in the score column at the top right corner when the score is hit. If you miss, S can only take 5 shots. As long as you hit one, automatic clearance can get 6 contracts each time.

[About test questions]

The choice of more indifferent fame and fortune is half price for nurses, and the option for comparison is strong desire. . The number of two sets of total contracts is the same, so choose your favorite ~ I do not say that doctors set skirts of achievement awards are very “Collection value” ~

Medical The enigma Raiders Summary

The commission of the sea cherry

The devil’s clinic

Peach The test of a

Peach test two

Peach test three

Everyone has fun ~

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