Those seven angels of the United States CRY set

For ten years, in the summer of July, at the end of the hot summer, the Sixth Medical Center is open for a limited time! It will give you warm and refreshing powder! (Because you need to spend diamonds too.)

White Demon The gray crow and cherub peach are waiting for you in the medical center deep in the alley, fulfilling all the requirements for you… In the depths of the alley, there are legends that can fulfill the desire of the heart. Medical office. Here you can ask for anything: the appearance of fascinating beings, the clever hands, the inspirational mind… but in exchange you have to sell the soul to “Devils”.

Warm and inquisitive, seek to find secrets and explore the legendary mystery place with Daisuke and Daisuke. The peach nurse who likes pranks, what exactly is it?…

Package name: 狡黠 angel

The affiliation: Apple Federation

Access: Activity Map

Achievement Award: Special Posture

TAG: Medical Messenger

Hairstyle: Peach Peach

Recommended Levels (Top/High Level): 4—1

“Welcome to the 6th Medical Center, I am a lovely nurse Tao Tao – 18 years old, single, like pink, most favorite things It is a doctor’s specimen No. 7! “The peach nurse with a sweet voice, a pink short hair, cute and adorable, looks adorable and innocent!

Dress: Peach’s Uniform

Recommended Levels (Top /Higher): 4—8/5—3 (lower than Angel)

Special Note: 6—4 will be F

The border between the Apple Confederation and the Northern Kingdom is the most chaotic in the mainland In the area, Tao Tao lived here from an early age until it was picked up by a strange doctor. Since then began a new life.

Peach’s work uniform was her favorite pink, and the rare white part was also surrounded by pink borders and looked at very few girls’ hearts. The white cross of the collar, set off with a pink bow, on the pink belt around the waist, and in the middle of the big metal cross, was actually embellished with a little pink. This is how pink like it is! Inside the pink jumpsuit, the white vertical The pattern implements up and down, highlighting the peachy waistline. Transparent light pink skirt, a big peach heart with a white cross, this is a peach peach personal logo? Next to a small English, HEART BEAT, which means heart rate, heart rate.

“Life, not breathing and heartbeat.

Life is not just breathing and heartbeat. 』

There are souls taken away by the devil……

Socks: Heart field

Recommended levels (top/high): (Alliance) 1—5

What ability do you want? Whether it is the appearance of charm, the most dexterous hands of the garments, the inspiration of mind & hellip;… everything can be! Feeling, the thighs on the temptation of the most uniform! (≧▽≦)

Shoes: White Cross-stitch

Recommended Levels (Top / High): None

The doctor can empower you, but in exchange, you sell the soul to “devil”, the ability to use every surgery, you will quickly aging … & hellip; until you completely give yourself to the devil Hands……

White thick heeled Martin boots with a peach peach logo —— peach heart with a cross (~0~)

earrings: static heartbeat

Recommended Levels (Top/High): (Arena) Winter A fire in the sky (checkpoint) 3—7/5—10/14—4

“ Everything you want can be oh-”“Really? Then I can get a doctor Is it my boyfriend?” said the punk girl in the star’s eyes. (Hey, it’s reallyReal and bold mushroom cool, actually want to be a devil to be a boyfriend, it really is to look at the value of the world, the United States misunderstood! -_-||)

Peach nurse special earrings, is simply The standard logo that can’t be made clear & mdash;—Peach heart cross special logo, in addition to peach peach, it is estimated no one has infringed!≥_≤

Craft: Peach & Peach

Recommended Levels (Top/High): (Arena) Fantasy Fairy Garden (Alliance) 2—1

Yeah! It’s time! The doctor’s surgery begins, and the peach and peach have to Busy. Today’s game is here! Bye-bye! Hee hee, although he likes mischief, but looks very professional! The pink nurse who works seriously loves the most! (^з^)

Peach is a glove In particular, on one side is a dark pink glove, on the other side is a white powder-rimmed wristband, a cool feeling, and I don’t know why it is so designed, is it because it looks cool and fun?(Peach: Hey, you really Smart is because of this!*^_^*)

Headdress: transparent nurse cap

Recommended level (top/high): none

Sell the soul and the life to the demons, exchange the magical powers of smashed moments, and exchange the brilliant moments with ordinary doctors. Is this transaction acceptable to you?—— Peach’s sweet voice with the slightest temptation to come The person who deals with the doctor said.

Translucent Pink Nurse’s Hat, how to look cute, I really want to start one, and dressed up as a sweet little nurse!

Handheld: Prank Syringe

Recommended Levels (Top/High): 4—8/5 3

Don’t be afraid, I’ll lick gently ~ No pain! Really! The man is no longer there. The nurse with a large syringe has become a little devil at the moment. Tube (o^^o)?)

Special Background: Drop Holder

Recommended Level (Top/High Match): (Arena) Where is Spring/Young Spring/Sports Day/Summer Garden Party (Alliance) 3—4/5—5(Checkpoint)2—1/2—6/4—2/5 Branch 2/5 Branch 3/6—3/7 Branch 4/12&mdash ;4/14—1/14—3

The pink liquid is a peach hobby. Born in the apple federation, there was a young Liliths girl’s pursuit of sweet dreams.

An ordinary metal drip holder, especially a pink liquid on a shelf resembling strawberry juice, and the cute bunny pendant …… is really a peach heart of a girl’s heart.

Makeup: Taoxin’s Kiss

Recommended Level (top/high): 1—1/1—4/1—7

&ldquo Lost lambs, welcome to the doctor’s world. – “The nurse in the nurse’s suit smiled and turned her eyebrows,” “Hey, ready to deal with the devil yet;

Very sweet and pleasant A makeup look, a cheeky cherry mouth that blows out a pink peach heart, shakes your heart, pink pupils, curved eyebrows, long lashes, like a baby-like blown skin, peach peach Like Lilith’s sweetest loli girl, sweet to your heart ……

Special pose: Hey angel

Recommended level (top/high): No

Access: Completion

In the small clinic in Shenxiang, the gray-haired demonic doctor smiles indifferently, and the nurse who loves mischief reminds the intruder that the door is behind , leave early!

Dress full of uniforms Tempted taste of uniform, and want sister You can’t miss it!

Well, this is the introduction to the kits of angels. The obsessive compulsive disorder, the uniform control, and the senior fans (nuan ai) must not be missed. !Better than action, hurry to the activity map to release the soul, get the contract book to exchange suits!

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