PUBG Mobile guide lands in P City and you will know what a rich city is

For players who play PUBG Mobile: to stimulate the battlefield, choosing a good birth point is equivalent to entering the top ten.

P City not only has a superior geographical position in this game, but also the distribution of materials is also very advanced. If players land in P City, they are equivalent to entering a cornucopia. among.


P City’s PUBG Mobile: Stimulus The map of the battlefield is in the center, so when the game starts, the aircraft’s route will not be too far away from P City. Under normal circumstances, although the aircraft route does not pass P City, players can fly in the process of skydiving.


The location of P City is extremely advantageous. First of all, he is in the center of the map. The finals will not be reduced. In too remote areas, P City will not be too far away from the finals, and may still be in the finals. Even if the finals are too remote, P City’s transportation is still very developed.

P City is surrounded by roads, and the rate of production of P-city vehicles is very high. Therefore, if a player lands in P City, if he wants to leave this place quickly, it is not difficult.

The city of P has a very gentle terrain. Only the west is in the high mountains. This greatly reduces the risk of players being smashed. And P City is very close to the school and R City, these two places are also very popular with the players, and help P City share a lot of popularity. This reduces the player’s competitors.

[Person and]

P City belongs to a big city in the game. It covers a vast area and has ample houses. There must be many players. Landing here, if the player knows the skills of street fighting, many players are equivalent to the presence of the courier, which greatly reduces the time for players to search for supplies.

[Street fighting skill]

First of all, the fastest speed Drop, in the process of falling, adjust the viewing angle to observe the enemy’s distribution position. Once it is found that there are other players in the vicinity, quickly flee into the house after landing, and do not act rashly after reaching the gun; then hide the body and use the third perspective to observe The dynamics around. Players can judge the general position of the enemy or the direction of warfare from the small map, and can even know the enemy’s footsteps; players try to wait until the time is ripe and then kill the enemy, because after the target is exposed, you will be the target of hunting by other players, so Players should not open fire easily to avoid exposure.

The best rifle in the street is the rifle. The rifle’s mid-range and close range shots are excellent. So landing in the town, you have a rifle and you have the initiative. right. Followed by submachine guns and shotguns, these two guns are useful when the player has just landed on the ground and are good at raiding enemies. Players who like to play sniper rifles should try to act in high-rise houses, but do not go to the top floor easily, because the top floor will attract the attention of a large number of players.

[Precautions for P City]

1. P City The surrounding houses are very scattered, and players should not choose to play field games around P City.

2. There are many ambushers in P City, so if players are searching for supplies, they must be careful not to get firearms to avoid unnecessary trouble.

3. Players should not be immersed in search materials all the time. Sometimes killing enemies is the quickest way to get equipment.

4. After the goods search is complete, take the time to find the vehicle to leave the main city and not stay in P for too long.

It is recommended that players land in P City, familiarize themselves with surrounding houses and terrain, and remember the vehicles on the road. This will make it easier for players to escape and greet the dawn of victory.