PUBG Mobile guide Rip Gun – The King of PUBG Mobile’s Necessary Artifact Automatic Rifle

For novice gamers, the bad marksmanship can be described as a huge flaw. Whether it’s a starting shot, or a sunset red shot by a sinister person behind it, it’s all those Meng Xin was heart-wounded, and a human stroke master wanted to grow into a qualified Dafa. It was very necessary to choose a gun that was difficult to use.

The M416 in the game is one of the most suitable weapons for beginners. Its acquisition difficulty is not as good as that of special weapons. It can only be obtained in airdrops, and with full accessories, it can make you burst to burst, with a 4x lens. It is the middle and long distance food, and it has to be said that it is an absolute artifact.

In reality, the M416 is also a great source. The prototype is the HK416 automatic rifle, which was modified from the M16 series rifle. In terms of performance, the HK416 was remodeled from the design of the M4 carbine by the HKG36 assault rifle’s pneumatic system. It can also be retrofitted with pneumatic systems, upper casing components, barrels, and magazines. In the reliability test performed by the US Army at the Ground Weapons Test Site in the Yuma Desert, Arizona, the HK416 demonstrated reliability in a variety of extreme environments, with different types of barrels, ammunition, and with or without a muffler installed. Sex is higher than the M16 series, and can even be shot underwater. The US military’s M4A1-CQBR and M16A4 firearms of the same level can easily blow up as long as the gun body is in the water, and the M416 has no such drawback at all, and When fired, almost no heat and gunpowder gas (dirt) was transmitted to the bolt, which is unmatched by other weapons.

M416 is also an abnormal force in the game, equipped with a dedicated tactical butt, its performance will usher in a great improvement, full match M416 can be said that in addition to the range of hard injuries, other aspects can hammer all the The same type of firearms, for novice players, it is also very friendly and easy to use.

After a lot of novice players start M416, if you’re lucky with a butt stock and brush a few more life spans, then you There will be a great chance of winning the final victory. The M416 is very suitable for LYB and Voldemort. The new game has just touched the game. In the face of this type of firearm, it is undoubtedly the icing on the cake, as long as you are good, long-lasting, and able to resist sex. So it’s almost no pressure to score the top ten.

It is worth mentioning that, as an artifact, M416 is the most accessories in the game, accessories can make ultra-high performance after full distribution, but there is a very fatal drawback, that is, the difficulty of collecting accessories , Many players will pursue full-fledged matches, resulting in the last hard-to-assemble accessories that are packaged and delivered to their opponents.

M416 as an artifact of all ages, the performance in the actual combat is also quite outstanding, even if the enemy has three A, three head, was shot more than five shots must also fall to the ground, recoil is also one of its highlights, while In the game, it has a very wide range of ways to get it. In any building it is possible to swipe it out. If you are a new player who just entered the pit and do not know how to choose the weapon, don’t hesitate! Pick up the M416 on the ground!