PUBG Mobile guide True – king of rifles, detailed description of M416 guns and accessories

The automatic rifle is the most important type of firearm in the PUBG Mobile Stimulus. The rifle can be used not only as a short-range combat but also has a more dazzling performance in the mid-range and long-distance distances and . Different rifles have different attributes of firearms and firearms. Today, we have to say that they are players’ favorites, M416!

The M416 is one of the most popular firearms in automatic rifles. Full accessories M416 has a very good performance in the game. Although its single damage is not as bad as AKM, but it has a fast fire speed, a small back seat, and high precision. Even though the damage from a single shot is not particularly high, the M416 can also regulate the AKM on medium-range and short-range gun fire with the advantage of high firing speed and low backseat.

Analysis of Firearms

M416 Accessories Location: Muzzle, Grip, Magazine, Gunstock, Collimator

Accessories for Muzzle: Compensator, Consumer Flame retarder and muffler

Handle accessories: vertical grip, front grip of straight leg

Clip accessories: fast clip, Expansion clip and quick expansion magazine clip

Butt attachment: tactical butt stock (M416, Vector)

Sighting Accessories: Red Dot (Hologram), Double Lens, Quadruple Mirror, Eightfold Mirror

Accessories Interpretation

M416 accessory selection mainly depends on the player’s Method ideas, habits close shotgun fire , player of remote burst recommended with : Muzzle compensator, vertical grip, quick-expanding, tactical buttstock, double mirror (fourfold mirror)

Properties The variables are mainly on the muzzle and grip . Muzzle compensators and vertical grips are mainly used to reduce the vertical recoil of M416, that is, the degree of the muzzle jump when firing. When three parts that reduce the recoil force are available, the M416’s recoil force can be reduced by almost half.

Of course, we can replace the muzzle with a muffler, carry a quadruple or eightfold lens, and implement on the remote enemy . 123> Wear blood. Silence Shoot for long distances, and it is almost impossible for opponents to find your position. The flame arrester belongs to a transitional accessory, after all, it does not have a high compensator to reduce recoil, and the concealment ability does not have a silencer . Instead of selecting an accessory with two lower attributes, it is better to With an accessory with advanced attributes, one of the attributes is promoted to the extreme, but it is better to use the to determine the play based on the firearm.

Why is it recommended to select vertical grip because Straight leg grip is also an accessory with two attributes, one is lowering Block, the other is to speed up the opening speed. Although the vertical grip only has a lower backseat attribute, this attribute value is much higher than the straight-leg forward grip . And in the game, the speed of opening the mirror does not seem to affect the rifle much, so it is more recommended to match the vertical grip. In contrast, SKS, which relies on high-powered firearms, can be with straight-leg front grip .

How to play M416 also vs. other rifles There is a clear difference, AKM because the rear seat is too large, and can not be assembled more reduce the rear seat accessories, it tends to Remote Single and Short Multiple shots. M16 Because they only have a single point and three consecutive bursts, they are more suitable for medium-range operations. The M416 has a single-shot and full-automatic mode, and the recoil force is very low in the full-fitting state. Therefore, the close-range operations are more suitable for the gunshots and the gun difficulty. Lower, medium-range and long-range can perform multiple bursts and bursts according to the situation, and the application scope is wider.

As described above, M416 is not only excellent in properties, but also the most widely applicable range where is called The & ldquo; king of rifles ” is not an exaggeration, but because of the dependence on accessories, the difficulty of shooting will be To enhance, players need to pay more attention.