PUBG Mobile guide: PUBG Mobile UMP: Novices use his close combat

Most of the current mainstream weapons in the late game are sniper rifles and rifles. However, in the period when resources were scarce in the early stage, the assault rifle with a melee artifact was extremely awesome. The ability to fight at close range is terror. Although it hurts people in the mid-range and long-range confrontation, it is also necessary to have a close-in combat weapon in the early stages of the resource battle.

In many submachine guns, there is a gun that stands out. UMP9 in the game is a favorite of novice players. Although its rate of fire is slower than other assault rifles, it can be equipped with a variety of accessories to improve its performance. Although the damage is relatively low, the quality of the gap can be compensated by the stability of close combat.

UMP in PUBG Mobile: Stimulation Battlefield 123>

Speaking of UMP, it is not a small thing in reality. This submachine gun is manufactured by the same manufacturer as the MP5 submachine gun. And its bullet diameter is bigger than MP5, relatively speaking the power is stronger than MP5, but the magazine capacity is lower, in practicality is inferior to MP5.

The original manufacturer of UMP is the German HK company. As the famous German gun company, it is also the most influential in the world. One of the munition companies launched a variety of world-renowned firearms, and UMP is a representative of its submachine guns.

Swiping Into the Game High-rate submachine guns, after the expansion of the number of bullets can reach 40 rounds, and can also install guns, grips, sights and other accessories, although the rate of fire is slightly less than other submachine guns, but As far as it is concerned, it can install sights and various accessories. If it finds more than two accessories in the early stages, it must not be lost completely! For players who can’t hold the gun, the stability of UMP’s stability at close range is realistic.

But UMP also has a fatality The downside is that its performance in the mid-to-long distance battle is rather disappointing. Due to the lack of range, the bullet dropped significantly after being out of range, and it is not as practical as a rifle. And it also has a hard wound, that is, in the case of the middle and long distance, the gun is no more than a rifle. In the face-to-face encounter, the damage is better than the spray. Its advantage range is the near point in front of a certain distance. Especially in the roundabout rounds of war, it was simply a small team.

UMP’s performance in the middle and late stages of the game is unfavorable, and the latter stage is the period when the rifle, sniper rifle dominates, and can sustain. In the later stages, the opponent’s weapon accessories are also basically perfect, but for novice gamers, UMP’s performance in the final round of the game is also remarkable, if you usually do not stay too late in the game, but often when the gun was Education, then UMP will be your best choice.

UMP is performance-wise , It is more suitable for novices to use, but for the old players, in the early period, with a UMP that is even more powerful, want to kill the airport in the early stage? Then UMP will be your most trusted partner. As one of the fastest weapons to be formed, its accessories are almost the easiest to find, and in the early stages there was a highly-configured weapon that could easily step on many opponents. Feet down.