PUBG Mobile guide Sniper Mode Artifact! VSS guns actual analysis

The sniper special training mode is in contrast to the fast speed battlefield mode in which the initial map is larger relative to the latter and the game duration is increased to 15 minutes or so. After this mode is selected, the player will randomly match to a single player or sniper rifle. In the latter game, players can pick up various types of sniper rifles. And do not have to think about the beginning of the rapid landing to the ground, priority to the enemy to snatch resources, players need to occupy a suitable geographical position, as a viper hidden in the grass, ready to launch a fatal blow to the enemy. VSS this sniper rifle comes with four times the mirror and silencer effect, is the player to do “invisible” & rdquo; the best choice.

When using VSS sniper rifle Previously, players knew a lot about their strengths and weaknesses. With the VSS sniper rifle, players can save time looking for high-powered mirrors and silencers, and use more time to choose and lurk in favorable terrain. And VSS sniper rifle silencer effect is better than the average rifle, as long as the confrontation is not face to face, the enemy is difficult to distinguish where the player holding the gun is, it shows that this is a dark place to kill the weapon. The VSS sniper rifle can also perform semi-automatic single-shot and full-automatic mode switching. In the case of close combat, the automatic mode is selected. The effect is comparable to an assault rifle. In mid-range combat, the semi-automatic single-shot mode is switched, and the enemy can unknowingly kill the enemy. .

The disadvantage of the VSS sniper rifle is that the trajectory of the VSS sniper rifle is rather trajectory. The slower rate of fire is not suitable for attacking enemies more than 300 meters away. However, the scope of the sniper special training mode map is moderate. After the first round of laps, there is very little chance of long-range shootouts between players. This shortcoming of the VSS sniper rifle is also weakened. The VSS sniper rifle is loaded with 9mm bullets and is weaker than most sniper rifles. Players need to shoot consecutive shots as they attack the enemy.

In the middle of the game, the player quickly finds out After VSS sniper rifle, open the map and look for a house with only one floor. The reason why a high-rise house is used as a bunker is related to the serious fall of the sniper rifle bullet. Players also need to calculate the bullet trajectory when standing on a high-rise building. If the enemy is still moving, the hit rate will be greatly reduced. The player hid in the crouching state by the window. After finding the enemy, the player opened the sight to calculate. The VSS sniper rifle’s quadruple lens is much more complex than the four-fold lens that players usually pick up. There is a reference frame below the mirror, and four vertical lines represent the enemies at 100, 200, 300, and 400 meters from left to right, respectively. The two diagonal lines on the vertical bar represent the standing height and crouching height of the target. There are three triangles above the reference frame. From top to bottom, the front sight of the target at 100, 200 and 300 meters is selected. The player first calculates how far the enemy is from the reference system, then selects the appropriate triangle to aim at the enemy and shoot. If you exceed 300 meters, give up the attack. With the advantage of the VSS sniper rifle, players can eliminate several enemies in the middle of the game and it is difficult to be discovered by other enemies.

At the later stage of the game, players are constantly approaching the safe area On the edge, after finding the running enemy, he quickly rifled and shot five bullets. If it hits the enemy, the damage of five bullets is enough to eliminate it ; otherwise, the player quickly withdraws the shooting action and continues to hide. The VSS sniper rifle is not dominant over other sniper rifles, so don’t be fooled to expose your position. Players “hidden” the longer the possibility of eating chicken.