PUBG Mobile guide to master the changing game, ride six random patterns

The entertainment mode is a new model of “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield” which has recently been updated. It is a collective name for six random patterns. Different modes, different characteristics, which makes the entertainment mode play a variety of fun. And its start is similar to the final round of the classic model, which attracted most players. However, if you want to play in the entertainment mode, players need to know what kind of mentality they will maintain in different modes and what style of play they use.

I. Shotgun fire mode

In this mode, firearm resources are only one type of shotgun. In addition, there are resources such as medicines, armor, and throwing objects. First of all, players need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the shotgun: its power is great, but its range is short. Therefore, shotguns are not suitable for long-distance battles. After the start, the player must quickly search the house, get a shotgun as soon as possible, and then not stay in the house for too long. There are many obstacles in the house and the space is small. It is not conducive to exerting fists in the room. If the player shoots well, he can take the initiative to judge the position of the enemy based on the sound of gunshots from around and launch an attack. If the enemy is in a house, do not rush in. If he has a grenade and other throwing objects, he can throw it into the room where the enemy is located and seize the initiative. If there is no throwing thing, he can be near every place. When you are in front of the room, you can lean in and observe, determine whether there is an enemy or the approximate position of the enemy in the room, so that you can know oneself and know yourself and kill the enemy effectively. Conversely, the player’s marksmanship is not very precise, then you can go to the open field to defend the enemy. And sway from side to side near the enemy, use snakeskin to walk to lower the chance of the enemy’s bullets hitting.

2. Jedi attack mode

As the name implies, this mode The main firearms resources are sniper rifles. Unlike the sniper firearms, players can pick up four pistols in addition to sniper rifles. The sniper rifle has lethal damage, so players must pay attention to their own position during operation, and do not expose themselves to the enemy’s field of vision. To learn to wait for an opportunity to move, the enemy is bright, and the enemy is in darkness, preemptive strikes will be used to eliminate the enemy as much as possible; and in combat with the enemy, the enemy will be considered as an attacker, and after the enemy shoots, he will rise and attack. When the enemy lost its aggressiveness, it was also the time when the defense was weakest. Of course, there is one thing that needs attention: When selecting firearms resources, players should be equipped with a sniper rifle and a pistol in order to achieve a balanced approach and stable chicken consumption.

III. Wild Character Bucket Mode

There is no firearm in this mode Resources, the only way for players to attack is close combat. Compared to the fist, the close combat weapons are more powerful and players can choose their own melee weapons according to their preferences. It should be noted that instead of playing the classical mode of thinking, the player should first choose the pan. Although it can resist bullets, it can push you to the abyss of death without bullets.

IV. Pistol Match Mode

The pistol becomes the only gun weapon in this mode. Players should not ignore the power of the pistol. The pistol’s damage is surprising when most players are not equipped with armor. In the later stages of the game, the rest of the players are basically equipped with different levels of armor, and the player must aim at the enemy’s head as much as possible. In addition, the player must also master the technique of cutting guns. When attacking an enemy, if he holds a round of bullets with a gun, but the enemy has not yet fallen, he must quickly switch another handgun and continue to attack. The enemy wheezes and counterattacks.

V. Extreme Battlefield Mode

Different from the previous four modes In this mode, the player can pick up all types of firearms. Its main feature is that the initial safety zone is smaller, and the pace of the circle is faster. In the early stages of the game, players should be as clean and tidy as possible. Whether they are picking up firearms or entering a safe area, they should use the speed as a benchmark. By the end of the game, players will have to make steady progress and fight as much as possible.

6. Fully armed mode

This mode also refreshes all Items, but more exciting than speed battlefield mode. The refresh rate of firearms resources in the rooms has been greatly improved. Players can easily and fully arm themselves in the early stages of the game, so they must choose their own weapons. But even if you have rich resources, don’t behave yourself and act impulsively.. To achieve gradual progress, the finals will be determined with the enemy.

Since six modes randomly appear, the player must be proficient in knowing the features and knowledge of various modes. The entertainment mode is relatively short and the atmosphere is relatively thrilling. Everyone can try a lot and take this opportunity to enhance the experience of the final round of decisive battle. The technology has become even more superb!