PUBG Mobile guide The best overall performance! M24 sniper rifle interpretation

The sniper rifle of “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” is a great killer in the game, especially in the present desert map A good sniper rifle can often easily defeat opponents. Today we are talking about the M24 sniper rifle that is one of the aerial weapons.

The prototype of the M24 sniper rifle is The military version of the US M700 series sniper rifle was formally adopted by the US Army in 1988 and was officially named M24. Israel Defense Forces is also listed. The M24 needs to pull a bolt every time it fires a bullet, so the M24 is also regarded as a model of a pull-type sniper rifle.

Analysis of Firearms

The reason why the M24 can be distinguished from the 98K is mainly due to its inseparable relationship with its assembly fittings. Can be equipped with accessories muzzle, cartridge clip, buttstock, sights four.

Muzzle support: sniper rifle compensator, sniper rifle Flame arrester, sniper rifle muffler

Clip holder support: sniper rifle rapid clip, sniper rifle expansion clip. Sniper rifle rapid expansion cartridge clip

buttstock support: paddle

Sighting support: red dot / hologram, double lens, quadruple lens, octal mirror

Like the 98K and the AWM, the M24 is a single-action pull-type sniper rifle. Damage greater than 98K, but lower than AWM, also has a shot that knocks down secondary helmet targets. Compared with 98K, M24 has more sufficient damage, and more accessories Bringing More versatile is sex. The 98K can only be loaded with one of the butts or bullet bags, while the M24 can be with the clip and stock. The difference is obvious. In the aspect of continuous shooting ability and shooting stability, the M24 merger of both is obviously more advantageous. Although single-shot harm can match AWM, but M24 has a great advantage in obtaining ammunition. Need to take into account the accuracy of the shot as AWM because of ammunition shortage.

Actual Interpretation

When the M24 is equipped with a capacity expansion clip, the amount of loaded ammunition is 7 and thus it can have more strong in actual combat. 123> The Continuous shooting ability, coupled with the presence of the butt stock, also has a greater degree of stability, which in turn reduces the required aiming time for the second shot.

The common characteristic of the single sniper firearm is that it has a long range and high damage. Therefore, when using M24, we should try our best to attack the target from a distance in order to give advantage of firearms. What do you need to pay attention to when shooting in the distance? • Concealed nature Yes First Question to be resolved for . Therefore In the muzzle accessories, the sniper rifle muffler is generally preferred, but this accessory is the same as is . is scarce and can be encountered without being required, so the flame arrester is also a good choice in the case of without the silencer. The compensator is generally used on a continuous sniper rifle, because the impact of the single-shot slamming on the firing of the firearm in the rear seat is not particularly large, and is generally For the transition.

Pull-type sniper rifle Basically, there is no difference in style of play, and high-powered mirrors are required. Moving objects with a long distance needs to


advance guns. Otherwise, the bullet’s trajectory velocity will

be too slow Hit the target.

Medium-range combat requires the replacement of magnification because the magnification of the eight-fold mirror is too high and the face is not so far away. Target, it is difficult to drag the camera to aim at the target, it is difficult to


to move target, so it can be conditional You can put a quadruple lens on the backpack. In the face of short-to-medium range goals, the assembly quadruple-mirror can give a more perfect shooting advantage to the firearm itself.

Compared to 98K, the M24 has a certain increase in stability and sustained shooting ability. Although the damage is not as good as AWM, the victory is more ammunition, simpler to obtain, and can be fired more frequently. Therefore, in the pull-type sniper rifle, M24 is the best overall performance.