PUBG Mobile guide [Novice Guide] What to do to keep your team to the end

In the PUBG Mobile: Stimulating Battlefield game, the most interesting is the four-man team mode. The four-man team mode requires many strategies and tactics, but these are too difficult for a new player, so what can be done quickly to become a qualified teammate?

[Coming with Lineup]

In the game, the team needs to survive for a longer period of time. It requires not only perfect strategic coordination, but also a good lineup.

Normally, a squad needs a sniper. The sniper’s mission is extremely crucial. He is almost the most abundant person in the team. When four people search for supplies, once they find sniper rifles, rifles, and medicine, they are given the first sniper. If a sniper in a team grows up, your team has the right to take the initiative.

In addition to snipers, small snipers are indispensable. The shooter’s marksmanship is very consummate, and the melee is very strong. Normally he guards the team’s safety. If the team and the enemy exchange fire, the striker needs to attack the enemy by detour, so the position of the striker is very important.

There must be an old driver and a team of four in the team. The driver’s position is crucial. He can help the team successfully escape the poison zone. It can also lead the team to pursue airdrops. Some old drivers may even be able to take away the enemy’s vehicles in the eyes of the enemy. In short, the old drivers of the teammates are very versatile and he is quite capable. In a team of life-saving straw, led the team again and again to save risk.

If there is a machine gunner in the team, it is more perfect. The machine gunner is mainly responsible for suppressing the enemy and attacking the enemy’s vehicle. The machine gunner can guard the safety of the team. Sometimes it is necessary for the sake of safety. Eat chicken and sacrifice your own life.

[Strategic Deployment]

Normally, the team has two players who specialize in sniper rifles, and the other two are mainly responsible for assault. The mission, once in conflict with the enemy, the sniper is responsible for shooting the enemy from a long distance, take the fire suppression, cover the two assaulters into the enemy camp, when the attacker successfully attack, the enemy will become very easy to destroy.

In the course of the exchange of fire, the sniper discovers the target and first finds a bunker to secure himself in a safe environment. Shooting shots cover the assaulter’s charge. Once the enemy is knocked down during the process, try not to make up for the gun and wait for the enemy teammate to go to the rescue. After understanding the specific position of the enemy, kill it again or leave it for the striker to kill. When the sniper is knocked down, he first finds a cover to secure himself, and then waits for another escort to pick up. When the team is fighting, they try to make a team of two, so that each player has a higher chance of survival.


Once the team enters the finals , More emphasis on strategic deployment. First, a team member is responsible for observing the presence of enemies at the edge of the poison zone. The other three are decentralized and try not to keep the same direction at the same time. When teammates find out about the enemy situation, they must first communicate with the team members and whether they should shoot or shoot. Do not shoot blindly so as not to expose the position of the team.

When teammates discover that there is an enemy in the house, the two players first suppress the enemy, and the other two throw grenades and force them. The enemy comes out from inside the house, which will help the team to take the initiative and kill the enemy more easily.

A strong lineup requires a long break-in between players, and the longer the time spent playing together, the better your ability to eat chicken teams!