PUBG Mobile guide is on the verge of danger and teaches you defensive skills in your area

In the PUBG Mobile stimulating battlefield, rational use of housing areas and houses can effectively avoid danger and injury. Get safety while taking the opportunity to observe the external environment and attack external enemies. Of course, everything can’t be easy. When your opponent finds you are in the house area, you can either go or choose to attack. When encountering the situation of the enemy’s house near the house where they are hiding, we need to pay attention to what kind of situation? Here we talk about how to clever and attack the enemy to deal with, and then do counter-system.

When inside a house, we usually use the window to obtain the outside view of the house. Observe the enemy. Of course, when the shot is taken, it is not a style that we stimulate the players in the battlefield, unless you are a Buddha player and you want to go all the way to the end. So here we are to exclude buddhist players.

The enemies in the offensive area are the enemies in the middle and long distances, and the enemies in the vicinity of their own houses. Naturally, our defense and countermeasures are different. At the same time choose the house to avoid single-storey bungalows. The best of three floors, at least two floors, with a roof better.

Subject matter is required to defend the enemy

First, in the face of near-middle and long-range enemies, appropriate shots should be taken and concealed as the mainstay.

Mid-range and long-range enemies generally do not easily find players hiding in distant houses unless you open fire and they are alerted. In this case, the enemy will usually choose to explore different paths. At this point we must pay attention to the direction of the enemy. The veteran player will generally choose to change course and take a safe bunker path. Such as back slope, or winding from nearby. Therefore need to pay attention to observe the enemy’s direction.

In addition, if the enemy is coming, it will take some time and there will be other houses around. , then you can choose to replace the card point of the house, so that opponents rely on it. Or wait for one opponent to come and play one surprise.

Finally, it is not possible to leave the house, of course, but to come out in an invisible direction. You can choose a bunker with a slightly better view, such as a tree or stone, and be at a distance from the house. Why not choose a nearby one? This dependence is more difficult for opponents to find. Second, even if the opponent finds out, it is useless to throw a grenade. Because the enemy’s position has changed, now you are outside and he is inside.

Secondly, in the face of nearby enemies, it was mainly observations that took the initiative to take action.

Enemies who are generally close to their house are nothing more than two choices. One is outside the card (other houses or bunkers). What do you need to pay attention to? Make sure your home has a safe compartment to use to avoid enemy grenade injuries. On the second floor, the enemy tossed thunder and did not jump down as much as possible. Because the movement of oneself jumps from the building can be observed by the enemy.

The other one is storming into the house. At this point do not panic. Pre-prepared grenades are also useful and thrown against the stairs. However, this requires attention. Do not just throw it out. The enemy has already come up. Less than people do not say when the bombing, but also because the gun is not in the hand, was rushed to the people burst “whit sudden”. During the period, attention was paid to observing the vision of the enemy through the window, changing the feelings and the enemy’s footsteps (there was a clear difference between the sound in the room and outside the house). You can switch grenades and throw them out quickly. Cut the gun immediately. A card or door angle of view, so that opponents can not see the upstairs moment. Then take the opportunity to preview through sight. Spotted fire.

Last but not least, pay attention to the enemy grenade. The second floor house has a roof and a card roof. If you don’t have a roof card, you can get a second floor cubicle. The thunder that is thrown in generally does not reach the cubicle of the second class house. Of course, this also depends on the structure of the house. If there is no inside the house, jump down quickly and look for a bunker. Or attack the enemy downstairs according to the pace.

Of course, when it comes to saying this, the primary concern is calm and clear mind. Do not make a grenadier chaos because of an enemy attack. To seize the weakest opportunity of the enemy, if the enemy threw mines for a few seconds without guns, the control of the enemy’s vision of going upstairs is more difficult. As long as you seize the opportunity, you can directly kill him when the opponent throws the thunder.