PUBG Mobile guide Farewell to God Scourge! Analysis of Running Circles

As we all know, the core mechanism of “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus” is to have a constantly shrinking security zone to limit the players’ combat radius and control the game’s fighting rhythm.

The first security zone refresh is completely random. Starting from the first security zone, the following security zone will only be circled in the last circle from the newly selected center and radius, and will not follow the previous one. Circles overlap and the circle of poisons is refreshed at regular intervals until the winner appears or covers the entire security zone.

We are accustomed to calling it “The Ring of Heaven”“The Scourge”,“ ; Heavenly life circle ” Needless to explain, that is, no matter how the contraction, this safe area will always be on the son of this election, the advantage is that players can have enough time to find supplies, to a large extent, God installed are The Instinct Circle” is indissolubly bound

& ldquo;The Scourge” will be more than a tragedy, because the safe area has never been built into it, so that the players at the resource point of natural resources to collect less time, equipment is not to say because, but also because Long-range mobility, so it is very easy to be discovered by the enemy, and then died.

Over time, we may feel that we really have become ' Then began to mourn self-pity. What I want to say here is that the “Sky Scout” can be avoided from strength.

After the author’s observation, the “ poison circle’s refresh generally follows the following two laws:

1. The first lap will usually be refreshed in a crowded place and rarely seen in a few people. The place. Because the writer is a wild player, the circle is almost never brushed on my head, but instead often starts around a few large resource points, because there are many players there

2. Pay more attention to the airdrop transport plane. In fact, the place dropped by the airdrop is basically the center of the next circle, which means that the transport helicopter passes through the center of the circle. Straight line, according to their position, running along the plane or against the plane can ensure that the “birth ring” brush on their own head

However, there is a situation that requires us to pay attention to the use of this method, we must pay attention to whether the airdrop is in the previous circle or the next circle. If it’s the last lap, don’t stay because the location of your airdrop is, to a large extent, “ Scourge ”

Another point is that we can always be in the last security zone according to the scope of the next security zone, and the radius of each circle is doubled, through a simple constraint The principle we can get the following pattern

The red circle is the ideal shrink circle, and the remaining white circles are possible circles. (actuallyInfinitely), once we meet the red circle position, if the transport route is a yellow line segment, then in accordance with the above rule 1, we can infer the focus between the yellow line (ie the random transport route) and the red circle in the figure below and The purple circle segment is where the center of the next circle lies.

At this time, a small partner may have to say, I have no brains to finish the drill, why is it so complicated, because in the high-end games, the information is very important for a team, if you can Rapidly judging the direction of the next circle through the transport plane and then formulating a corresponding tactical strategy is much more efficient than waiting for a fate to be like a headless fly.

We hope that you can understand what you are experiencing and let the & ldquo; curse of the Scourge & rdquo; from yourself Disappeared from the body and readily eat chicken!