PUBG Mobile guide doesn’t do most! Pu Hong search route recommended

In the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield”, there are certainly many players who are not particularly familiar with the major points in the game, except for popular points like Picado and St Martin. Too many players make a living out of playing wild. The reason is nothing but to worry about encountering an enemy. However, it does not matter. Today we will introduce a point that is suitable for players who do not want to play wild or melee. The Port of Hong Kong ! A sparsely populated area where supplies are quite good.

Regional Locations

The Port of General is a map of the desert A medium-sized resource area in the southeast. Water on three sides is a typical port terrain. The port of Impala can be accessed from the north of the Pro-Port Highway, and the northwest can access the Lion City with the most resources in the entire map.

Point Analysis

The Port of General is on the edge of the map and it is more advanced than the nearest Lion City and Impala. Resource points, so in the vast majority of cases, you will not encounter the enemy from the above two points. Therefore, when it comes to Hong Kong, we have a very high safety index when searching for supplies.

Regional Division

For convenience of distinction, we The general port is divided into three major areas .

Area 1 >

The No. 1 district is located in the northern slopes of the Port of Hong Kong. Generally preferred for the end result. The area is dominated by large textile mills. The resources are average, but the resource level is extremely high.

Area 2

2 The area is the upper part of the Port of General. The area is close to the highway and has a high ground. The main building is the bungalow and the second floor. The resources are average and the resource level is general.

Area 3

Area 3 is the second half of Port of Hong Kong In part, the terrain is flat, but the terrain is lower than in Area 1. There are large warehouses, unfinished buildings and container buildings. Not only is the amount of resources abundant, but also the level of resources is extremely high.

Search Route Suggestions

Chicken Rules In case of principle. Assuming other enemies have landed here, our search route can be planned as follows.

Preferred stop point Area 1 As a result, there are few buildings, but there are abundant resources and fast search speeds. Second, the high ground and good vision can better observe the general situation of the entire Proo harbor area. And because there is a high probability of high-level construction materials in the area, the general search is basically fully armed.

After entering the area of ​​ No. 2, the housing area is denser. The search speed is slower and there is a greater chance of encountering the enemy. It is recommended that you search for roads.

Finally enter the third area. After clearing the area 1, 2 you can enter the area with the most abundant resources. With no worries, you can search for a number of times. Fortunate to get rich!

The entire search route we took from high to low The order of follow the principle of prioritizing the field of vision. And the starting point is adequate and equipped. As long as the player is practicing in the game, the Port of Hong Kong will be another rich gas station for everyone !