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N Hong Kong is an advanced resource in the geographical map of the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus” map. Presumably many players are killing and killing here. Today, we have brought different ways of thinking about the points in the region. I believe that regardless of players, , you can find suitable ways of playing.

Area introduction

N Hong Kong is located on the southeast edge of the island map It is an advanced resource point farther than the military base. The main body consists of three parts. One is the open-air container area in the east. The area is rich in materials and searches are fast, but the search process is more dangerous. The second is the residential area in the south. The materials in the area are concentrated, but there are many houses and the search process is a bit complicated. However, due to the numerous bunkers in the building, the safety factor is relatively high. The third is the sporadic buildings on both sides of the southern highway. Although the materials are not particularly rich, but it is important to be able to abide by the N Hong Kong traffic arteries. It is also a very critical area.

Conserve players and abide by style

Conservative player style Mainly based on defensive points, then we recommend the following points:

Select area No. 3 to collect equipment supplies through small houses on both sides of the highway. Of course, the abundance of resources at this location is certainly not comparable to that of N Hong Kong. Therefore, it is generally not recommended in the case of multiple people, because it is difficult for many people to get together. The advantage of choosing this location is that it is in a strategic location because N 123 & 123 are remotely located in . To quickly enter the safe area, you generally need the support of the vehicle and keep the two. The location can effectively intercept passing vehicles and achieve the purpose of taking advantage of fishing.

Hardcore player, offensive style

Select Area 1 The following two edge positions are set, and the entire container area is fought. , as follows:

Container area supplies belong to the entire N Harbor The most fertile, so confident game player can choose these two positions. Quickly clean up the surrounding enemies and get the most advanced material from the entire area.

Moderate players, step by step

From the 2 area area, we will start from the South. The route is as follows:

The reason why the northern area is not selected is because the north is very vulnerable to harassment by the enemies along the 3 regional highway, and it is more likely to encounter the same pinching between the rest of the container and the 3 areas. Therefore, it is generally recommended to start from the south, even if the enemy is encountered. It is also an enemy in the room area and the container area, and it is easier to deal with.

Integration route

If the team

members are all strength players, then Establishing a A larger goal is to clear the N-Port region. The route is recommended as follows:

From 1 Something settled, turned to the container area, cleared and then cleared into the room area, and at the same time evacuated and at the same time paid attention to cleaning up the enemy in the roadside room area to complete the hegemony of the entire area .