PUBG Mobile guide is alone, fighting wits in entertainment mode

The speed game can be played in teams. The total number of players is the same as the single player mode, which is still . If the player wins repeatedly in the single player mode, he can pursue more exciting games —— alone to challenge multiple teams. After the player selects the team mode, it automatically cancels teammates, one encounters the crowd, and seeks vitality in the cracks. After eating chicken, the sense of accomplishment doubles.

First, intensify multiple teams to clash

After the game starts, the player selects the skydiving in the nearest area and follows multiple teams to land in the resourceful housing area. The most dangerous place is also the safest. After landing, the player enters a humble house search resource and then stays at the door of the house. Just waiting for about twenty seconds, most of the enemies have picked up firearms, and there will be gunfire everywhere and several teams will be fighting. At this time, the player can use the window to break the grenades, confuse the enemy’s consciousness, intensify the contradictions of multiple teams, and allow the enemy to kill each other.

II. To make a “ flawed king ”

When the surrounding becomes quiet, many enemy teams have decided Winning a battle, a fierce battle will certainly leave more boxes on the ground. When the horror circle shrinks, the player uses the gap time to run in the combat area just now, looking for a box, searching for resources and supplementing his strength. This way of picking up resources is safer than searching for houses. Although it is not possible to get equipment to an excellent level, it is sufficient to deal with various types of fighting.

III. Become a “ hide-and-seek player”

Fighting with multiple teams is more important than killing the enemy. In the middle and early games, the player must go to the house area to find hiding places. The terrain of the house area is complex and changeable, which is convenient for players to hide and hide. The player’s hiding place needs to meet two requirements: at least it can block attacks from two directions and there are multiple bunkers around. The former condition can reduce the burden of player detection and avoid the situation of embattled players ; the latter condition is conducive to the player and the enemy team’s rapid escape when they are working.

IV. Number of players in the team

Players need to pay attention to the upper left corner of the screen and judge the remaining enemy teams according to the icons. If the enemy is directly killed and does not show a fallen state, it means that an enemy team is destroyed. The player estimates the number of initial enemy teams as 7~9, and then roughly calculates the average remaining number of enemy teams. By the end of the game, this data will help players predict the finals and create different fighting strategies.

If there are two enemy teams remaining, Players need to hide it and when the two teams smash, they go to a commanding height, keep a close eye on the changes in the war situation, make up for the knife in time, and make the scene more chaotic. If there is only one enemy team, but the number of people No less than three people, players must take guerrilla tactics, play several shots for a place, do not allow enemies to form encirclement, and sometimes throw smoke bombs at open locations to interfere with enemy judgments; if there is an enemy team remaining, and the number is only 1 For 2 players, the player occupies a bunker with a geographical advantage and ambushs the enemy.

It is more difficult and more tense for one player to play against multiple teams. Players should not take it lightly and instigate as many teams as possible to fight indiscriminately and then profit from it. In the first half of the game, the player can also search for a single enemies. After knocking it down, the player can immediately make up the knife and take a wave. Then quickly change the position. When you knock down an enemy in the middle of the game, do not rush to make up the gun and shoot next to it. Make the enemy mistakenly think that the player is in a position where the attack is limited, initiate the idea of ​​treating teammates, and when the enemy performs a healing operation, he suddenly launches an attack.