PUBG Mobile guide It’s time to show real technology! Deathmatch mode is officially upline

After “PUBG Mobile” on the PC side has updated the Deathbatch mode, the mobile game “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield” has also finally updated the Deathbattle mode, but the mobile game The end is called the war mode, and the sister-in-law who has been tired of playing chicken is not impatient to enter the game and experience the game of eating chicken CS .


Randomly matched the four-man team mode and entered the game to wait for a match. Well, finally it’s time to show my identity as CS . I can’t wait to start.


Sure enough, it is a dead-leeming mode. The rhythm of the game is still very fast. The safety zone itself is very small, and basically a few seconds after the flight. After the clock will immediately jump, will not let you stay in the air for too long, that is, let you stop the gun.


When you land, you will automatically refresh a weapon on your body and you don’t need to fire a gun.

However, WTF ! ! Why do you give me a 98K , although I always say that I like to land 98k , but I do not want to have such luck, so high-intensity intense close combat, you What does it mean to give me a 98K ? Is it worthy of me? It seems that I want to leak out and criticize the true identity of the god.


Hello! I’m afraid to tell me about the gun, even though I took a 98K and killed you. The 98K in my hand is completely different from 98K in your hand.


Hahaha, you can have a good bag and see if you have any. Not bad, actually there was AKM Finally there was an assault rifle. Instead of fighting with 98K with egg pain, it was all right to pick it up. Take AKM and it’s time for me to perform real technology. Let you squat in front of me again and be ready to die!


NONONONONO ! ! who is it? Who is so shameless, behind me. Can’t you make me hit a few shots and hit me? My AKM ah, I haven’t been in the arms, but I’ve been snatched away by others. Obviously gave me the hope of victory, why should we take it cruelly from my hand, God is not fair!

The man has tears and does not flick. The gentleman revenge ten years later, waiting for me to come back from the resurrection. You regret taking away my AKM .


Hey, it seems that today I’m the lucky goddess who is not on my side. I just got a head shot when I just landed. But what is your situation, Big Brother? Excited fly up? “Stimulus battlefield” also has this feature? Skeleton Qingqi ah brothers.


Once again revive skydiving, the goddess of fortune finally took care of me, landing is an airdrop, simply not too arrogant, finally to show me Real technology moment? Trembling! Everyone!


WTF ! ! Why do you want to do this to me! My three head! My AWM ! Can’t you touch it? Is your grenade so accurate? Throw so quasi-so you also play “stimulus battlefield” ah brothers, go to join the army to serve the motherland.


In the face of such tragic fate, I have completely lost my morale. It seems that today I cannot show my true technology! With the teammates’ efforts, we were lucky enough to get a second place finish, which was pretty good.