PUBG Mobile guide to sort out ideas and strive to make a winner

Stimulating the buddies of the battlefield Hello, I believe Since stimulated the battlefield to go on line I have made continuous efforts to improve both the marksmanship and tactics. However, we have not found that with the advancement of divisions, it is becoming easier to enter the finals, but it is getting harder and harder to eat chicken. It was felt that “This is definitely stable” was destroyed by enemy who did not know where to come from. This also proves that many players actually already have possessing many technical essentials to stimulate the battlefield, but they have only insufficient control over the finals. .

In the finals, he clearly has a good position, knowing that there are two more enemies. At that time, he had to run out of his face, and then he was ruthlessly headshot by the enemy; or when he was completely out of control with the enemy, it was like having Parkinson’s. Hatred and end? In fact, this is the pressure to make trouble, just like in life, obviously late, the shoes are not wearable, and there are movies, when the bad guys chase us again, the key to open the door or drive will always fall Can’t insert in the ground. This is the so-called psychological quality. Once people are out of balance in a high-pressure environment, it is very easy to make some actions that they are usually unable to understand. Therefore, in order to play the final round, the essence is to handle their own mentality. Of course, besides the mentality, there are “satisfaction” . Today, we mainly talk about the small “heart” of the finals.

The topography of the final round varies, but if there is a slope please do not miss because slope While providing a good view, we can also allow us to sneak into the other side of Xiaogaopo after being attacked, thus forming an excellent state of “Invasion, retreat, and defense”.

Do not rush around when there are more than two teams remaining, because at this point in time there will be a fierce battle, and we can shift this battle to attract the attention of other enemies. Or find an opportunity to take advantage of the harvest, saying that the popular point is to hide, “mountain view tiger” .

The use of smoke bombs is already a basic skill, but there is an additional point that when there are more than 12 left in the finals, do not be afraid of the end. The most important aspect of this stage is to occupy a favorable position. If you stand outside the game during the later stages of the game, We will suffer very high damage. If we fail to rush into the safe area in time, we will almost certainly have declared our death. If we only want to be salted, we will squat outside the circle if we want to be able to eat chicken. The man must dare to take risks. In fact, the blood just mentioned a bit, so the theory is based on this, in the early stage of the finals, due to the battlefield is greatly limited, many teams actually come together very close, and sometimes even found that the two sides did not dare to rush to intervene in the war, and if In the case of a good vision, the security of the surrounding area is determined to be exactly the same as that of the enemy. By the way, it can also take advantage of the favorable situation.

After grabbing a favorable terrain, the finals also entered the middle period, which is the case of 5-8 people. We can use the advantage terrain we have just gotten to do two things, look for the enemy’s position and try to make it as possible as possible, as well as formulate the lap route, because in the actual combat, at this stage we cannot know all the enemy positions. This time because there will certainly be the existence of a third party. At this time, prioritizing the killing of the found enemy can maximally contain other enemies and make room for our next move.

In the later stages of the finals, what we did was to kill the enemy most easily, but many people did not dare to shoot because of the loss of Voldemort. In fact, we need to know that Voldemort is often If we can’t open the mirror, if we can move a bit while attacking the enemy, we will not necessarily die even if we are on top of Voldemort. At the same time, Voldemort has also exposed its position and is likely to be killed by us.

When it comes to winning the game, here is a good thing to recommend to you. Many times you still don’t see the enemy when you decide to win, or We saw that we dared not to use it. At this time we needed to use a blasting bomb. This throwing could not only blind the enemy, but could also send a “123” tone to the enemy after hitting the enemy. Up to 3 can be used. Accurately locate a enemy with volts.

The above are some small “struck” I hope to help everyone improve chicken consumption.