PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Stable as a dog, the top ten is not a dream

Are you still worrying about being a little gun and eating chicken? Are you still resentful for repeatedly getting mad to throw you crazy mobile phone? It does not matter, it does not matter, this “Wen will baby” for everyone to dissect the true “stroke of water”, let you bid farewell to repeated discrepancies and become an intraday “box”, life is never lost again, chicken is no longer a gun Daydreaming, putting up saliva, wiping a nose, and following my beats, “Go go go.” But before beginning to talk about it, insert a small advertisement, “Recycling 98K, recycling three bulletproof vests… Recycling chickens…”, the front-line pro-”enemy” buddies, you heard nothing wrong. The baby salted fish is already in place, and the three big brothers will be joined. Each seat will be ready for action!

As the saying goes, the most dangerous place is the safest place. What P City, S City, Picardy … … do not be afraid, confidently jump in the big city. Why is LYB called LYB? It’s because they love radish, radish, oysters, chanting, yin, and yin in the wild. You see, our first step has successfully avoided about 50 radish players.

And even if we jump in big cities, we don’t necessarily have to go off with a gun, like the little church on the left of P. This is a treasure place. When I come here, my heart is full of divine feelings… I … Who is the “Guwazizi” married here, who end who stupid. No one is going to grab you anyway. You just have to lick the seeds, drink the happy water from the fat house, and squat on the roof of the church. I wouldn’t believe that the rich and affluent women who had killed several times in P City would care about the blood of the broken church.

After entering live, he entered the second link and transferred positions. In this cool running game, every player likes to shoot a headed bird, and the one who jumps most often does not live long. Therefore, we continue to carry forward the spirit of insignificance, but before we can run, we must first find a car, without him, only David. But the kind of cowardly act of driving a car straight into the circle is absolutely not desirable. The key lies in one word, “coiling”: bypassing the nearest point of advancement and bypassing the most intense gunfire. There is a way to bypass the airdrop.

I believe many people must have had a hard time entering the ring and have not been relieved to be killed on the spot. So how to safely enter the circle? Three steps: Select a place, drive closer, and whistle to pretend passing (Hey, I’m a passerby, you can’t see or see). The most critical of these three steps is the whistle link. This trick has a name in the “36 meter” called “Inviting the Snake out of the hole”. There is no difference in stimulating the whistle and the provocation in the battlefield. As long as it is slightly bloody, it definitely cannot help. You fired two shots. If no one fired, we could of course take it back here. Here is the key point and look back.

Into the safe area, our top ten goals have already been reached, and the next step is to look at the player’s own good fortune. The top three aren’t things. If the Suns do, it’s up to the opponents in this game to be Muggles. Now.

You asked me if this method of diving into the top ten is unstable? Hey, that’s also to say, you see I hit a hundred or two, or bloody bronze, you should understand it.