PUBG Mobile guide The Evolution of Low-KD Players! All-round Enhancing Combat Capabilities

High Play Fire 1V4, God level body perfect anti-containment! The wonderful operation screens of these great gods are the enlightened gods of “PUBG Mobile”. So how can we like those anchors have the same aggressive shooting style as and ? ? The following provides planning for for advanced player self-training.

[Golfing training]

1 entertainment mode

In the limited-time open war mode, the 8-minute inning speed battlefield has a faster rhythm than the classic mode. It encounters more enemies and the intension of the battle is infinitely increased. It is In the finals mode, both the offensive and the defensive cannot win, and only attack At the same time looking around, you can survive in this mode , to increase the odds of winning .

2 large hotspots

When they come into the box, whoever comes through this way, first Abandoning the KDA, can be to select more people, such as military bases on the map of the island, G and N Harbor, and desert maps. Picardy and villa areas are popular spots for . In such positions, the combat intensity and the test of consciousness are no less than those of the entertainment model. To set a small goal first, Jump How often do you open 100 times?

[Awareness training]

1 Single player living

Obviously, the feeling of single player mode is boring, but players always have to be convinced that single players test the player more than many players. The comprehensive ability. When you train yourself early, you can choose the single mode. Of course, our purpose is not to kill people, but to avoid fighting with our opponents. The purpose is to develop their own safety awareness and understand how to survive in the game until the finals, in other words “苟”!

2 single row and multiple rows

The main purpose of a single row is to train oneself to handle multiple people. In the case of encountering multiple opponents, we must not only consider responding to attacks in one direction, but will often be surrounded by opponents. Shooting skills and consciousness need to keep up with the situation. People stand out in four rows.

[Physical movements]

1 Familiar with architecture

Familiar with each type of architectural structure, the purpose is not of course to let you draw the drawings, but to understand the type of construction of each type of building. Dead spots, what position can avoid the enemy grenade, what position will be the enemy’s priority offensive point. Familiarize yourself with various architectural structures, so Easier to open the breach whether you are defending your own building or attacking a building.

2 Terrain Exercises

For example, continuous jumps on a container, and back and forth between puzzle blocks These operations require to ensure that the feet do not touch the ground. In the subsequent actual battles, we can use our own acrobatics to beat our opponents unexpectedly, such as shooting down from the sky and so on.

Of course, the above content is a list of some of the more typical training methods, players also You can gradually improve your overall ability based on your own understanding, but the key is to be patient. !