How does the PUBG Mobile guide circumvent those shooting habits?

In PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the battlefield Shooting is the most important part of the game , but for many For players, is consistently inevitable 枪 , and I don’t know how to improve. Below Let the players explain the following shooting techniques.

1. Many novice players are shooting at the enemy, always It is a posture that keeps standing still, in order to be able to aim more accurately, but in fact this is the most taboo when shooting.

The player standing still does not act as a live target. Although it increases the accuracy of his shooting, it also makes the enemy’s aiming more precise.

2. Once you hit the enemy, don’t Take the first shot to aim at the shooting, because the angle of view after opening the camera will become smaller , it is easy to find the enemy position after opening the camera with the enemy’s front gun. ; At this time can be exempted from the opening procedure, directly shooting . The accuracy of aiming is to rely on the sights when not opening the mirror, so that the close range of guns has a wide range of vision, and it also reduces the time it takes to find the enemy after opening the mirror.

3. Sniper’s shooting plan. Many players like to be snipers and love single shot snipers, but many players may have misunderstandings about sniper shooting schemes. Sniper shooting does not always use a single sniper rifle. Usually, once a sniper finds an enemy in the distance, after shooting with a single sniper rifle, if there is no killing of the enemy in a shot, they usually Will immediately cut to change the main weapon , then add damage to the enemy. If the player’s first bullet does not kill the enemy, the enemy will be crazy to escape. At this time, if the player wants to use the sniper rifle to shoot the enemy in the running, it is very difficult to use the rifle to shoot the effect It would be better .

4. Once the player is shot in the wild, First observe the direction of the bullet in the small map and to determine the position and distance of the enemy . In addition, while under attack, Do not fall down immediately, The grass at this time cannot hide itself , and the enemy has already known you The position , Even is in vain .

5. Smack the enemy in the distance, the enemy will hide after finding the cover. The player should not stop shooting at this time, before the enemy is still unclear about your position, use The guns constantly fired around him, because the enemy did not know if his position was safe after hiding. When he heard the bullets still continually, he would subconsciously move his body. This time is easy again. Exposing his body.

6. When shooting an enemy, try to use the left and right probes to shoot, because this position will be good to avoid the enemy’s headshot bullets.

7. Muzzle jitter is stronger when using some shots When shooting a firearm, try to push the muzzle down, because the player will automatically lift the muzzle when the gun is fired.

8. Shooting key three steps: aiming, opening And shooting.


In addition to using some tricks, shooting techniques require a large number of players. Practice, you must know that shooting with time is the most practical.