PUBG Mobile guide Learn about these shooting tips, the next gun king is you

PUBG Mobile: The exciting battlefield belongs to FPS class mobile game, Therefore shooting accuracy is in game Critical link . If you are not good at shooting, it is still very difficult to eat chicken. Here are some tips for . I hope that some players will be helpful in the game.

1. Aiming method

Shooting is three steps, aiming, opening and shooting. Many players waste a lot of time on aiming, and the accuracy of shooting is not high, because you don’t understand the shooting mechanism that stimulates the battlefield.

Just grabbing at a close distance, using the center of the double mirror is the best accuracy, but long-range shooting is to be prejudged. Find enemies running far away, aiming at the pre-judgment position in advance, aiming at the front of the enemy’s running direction. If you aim at the center of the double mirror, you will only shoot at the back of the enemy. Players who like to play sniper rifles need to pay attention to this.

If the player wants to shoot distant enemies, he will not open the scope first. Find the general orientation of the enemy, then open the scope, which is more time-saving than looking for the player after opening the mirror.

Just grabbing at a close distance, the time taken to open the mirror is shorter than the time taken to open the shot. Although the time is short, it is already possible to win the match.

2. Just gun skill

The gun is not standing still faster than anyone else, and uses some bunkers or actions to avoid the enemy. Bullets, Avoid a lot of damage .

Just grab the enemy and take the first time to find the shelter and protect yourself with the cover. . In the process of sheltering, you should be aware of the firearms and state used by the enemy, and judge how big the winning rate of the frontal gun is. If the gun is very poor, and the enemy’s combat power is very strong, it is recommended that the player choose to escape best. If there is no bunker around the player, you can only choose to shoot with the enemy. It is recommended that the player use the action.

Left and right probe shooting, this method can not only increase the player’s unilateral field of view, but also You can use the body’s twist to avoid enemy bullets.

By the way. Just when the enemy is just shooting, use the buttons of the armpits and underarms to constantly change the posture of the game characters to avoid the enemy bullets.

The action is just a must-have skill, but the difficulty is high and requires a lot of trials by the player to succeed. Although the action is just a good way to avoid the enemy bullets, but also caused a lot of interference to the player’s aim.

3. Selection of firearms

Long-range shooting is of course the best firearms for sniper rifles and rifles. Then, which strong guns should be selected at close range? ?

In the current version, the stronger gun is a rifle. And submachine guns. Rifle selection AKM, AKM is very powerful, it is recommended for novice players. The submachine gun recommends that the player choose UMP9, because UMP9 has a higher comprehensive ability in all submachine guns, a faster rate of fire, and a higher fault tolerance rate when the gun is fired.


Just except the skill In addition, in fact, the mentality is also very important, and once the enemy has a gun battle, the player must have a stable state of mind, do not panic, headshot shooting is the strongest technology !