PUBG Mobile guide is a sharp knife behind the enemy.

In the stimulating battlefield, the tactics of the circle is a basic and commonly used routine. Although this tactic is simple and easy to understand, it requires a strong battlefield analysis capability as the basis, and it is necessary to learn to adapt to the situation. It takes a little bit of effort to master it. Today, we are still bringing a teaching style with the practice of the circle, and I hope to be helpful to everyone.

After the early fierce battle, we found ourselves in the circle, and this is the precondition for using the play with the circle. Before we shrink, we must first ensure that one thing is to clean up behind and Nearby enemies. Be sure to take advantage of this time of shrinking circles, because if there are enemies behind us, then he will also face the pressure of running circles, so we must first pick them out before the enemy is forced to run out and attack us, lowering ourselves. The probability of attack.

Sure enough, under the pressure of shrinking circles, many enemies have to show up to fight with us, but our teammates are always guaranteed to stand on our front with us, so that scattered enemies can not pose a threat to us.

Here to tell you the core of a circle play, that is, the vehicle, if there is no vehicle, or run a circle as early as possible. If we have a vehicle, we must conceal the vehicle before we get off or fight. Otherwise, if there are enemies in front of the enemy to force the vehicle and carry out the gun, then we will be in a very passive state.

In this tactic, it is also very important, that is, the angle of the circle, there is still a trick that can be used here, that is, remember the route of the aircraft, choose to enter the safe zone away from the side of the route, which can greatly reduce The probability of our attack, and it is easier to find the advantage position in the battle of the finals.

Here we focus on the handling of the final circle. Under the premise of ensuring priority access to the safe area, we can choose a commanding height to ambush, but this high point must have a bunker or anti-slope protection, otherwise we will be discovered by multiple enemies. It will instantly become a target and be screened by multiple enemies. If you don’t find a good position, if the enemy does not find us, you must not stun the snake to expose your target.

The advantage of high and low is reflected here.

Finally, summarize the essentials of playing with the circle, first of all Favorable, if you are close to the circle, there is no need to go to the circle ; look for the vehicle, and hide the car when leaving the vehicle; find a good angle into the circle, do not squat the blue straight into the circle Then you can control the situation in the finals.