PUBG Mobile guide Large inventory in the desert wild area, can also develop without moving

In the stimulating battlefield, the desert map is more difficult to live with respect to the island map, but in the wild area, the materials in the desert wild area are much richer, so to speak, in the desert. In fact, it is more efficient than playing wild in the island, especially in the desert, there are several wild areas like “True Rich Mine”, which can strengthen the fighting power of wild players in the desert. Today, I will mainly tell you about where the treasures hidden in the desert are.

First of all, a place that everyone knows better is the Lion City Mine. This point is very difficult. The specific location is as shown above. This place is said to be a mine hole, but it is actually a channel and hidden in this channel. A lot of supplies, sometimes even comparable to some large points. The only thing to note here is that because this mine is on a hillside, it is best to start early, otherwise it will fall into a vicious circle of infinite laps. If the location of the safe area is relatively good, we can continue to move forward. There are still many unnamed rooms under the mine to allow us to collect materials. After the collection, you will find that the equipment on your body is completely It’s not like coming out of the wilderness.

The people who know this area must be quite rare. This point is located at the top right of the train station. Friends with bad eyesight may think that there is nothing in this position. In fact, only in this area. There are 3 small buildings, and the three small buildings have abnormal fat and the brushing rate is very high. After many tests, these three wild areas can definitely meet the equipment needs of 1 or 2 people. The lack of displacement in this place is that there are relatively few drugs, so be sure to note the lap ahead.

The wild area between the villa area and the cemetery, this place is very interesting, because the cemetery is a very poor point, as compensation, the nearby wild area is very rich (many times at least It is even richer than the main body of the cemetery, because it is close to the villa area, so if the route can reach the villa area, it is prudent to choose here. The best time to jump here is to choose this as a transition point when the route is far away from the villa area, and then quickly transfer to the above fertile points to get the initiative.

In the northern part of the coastal town, there may be fewer people in this place, because the wild areas of the desert are mostly fertile, and most players only pay attention to the number of houses when playing wild, which is typical, low quantity, high quality. The wild area, from the coastal town all the way to the north along the edge of the map, you can encounter three unnamed houses, these three small houses can be considered very fat in the wild area. When choosing to land here, you must consider the location of the safe area. It should be said that it is the safest wild area of ​​the whole map, but if the safe area is not beautiful, it is no good.

Summarize here, the wild tactics are expensive and changeable, you must learn In actual combat, according to the relationship between the route and the safe zone, choose the most suitable location for the wilderness, and avoid a point of death. At the same time, in order to increase your post-combat strength, you can usually transform into a card tactic in the middle of the game to obtain the number of kills. Equipment upgrade.