PUBG Mobile guide The correct game theme! Offense must build on defense!

In “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, offensive and defensive battles can be said to be the topic of every moment in the game. The offensive has always been the main game aim of the Gunners. Although it is often the case that the opponents are completely edited by their own forces, there are still many problems that the so-called Gunners can’t solve. This time we will analyze the most common problems of the gunmen, and what kind of offensive means to ensure a greater chance of defeating the opponent.

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First of all That is, this is a “survival game” because our ultimate goal is to survive at the end. Therefore, if you feel that your operating skills are not bad, but players who are always unable to go up the stage must understand that what you do in the game is not to eliminate the opponent, but to protect yourself until the last moment, complete the chicken.

The idea of ​​the first shot in the game tends to make most shots good. The player has a very arrogant cognition, what is it? ? I can destroy the team! Yes, this rash “I can destroy the team” idea is also the biggest problem that directly leads to the difficulty of the players. . Be aware that in the game, half or more of the kills and eliminations are actually caused by a sneak attack and ambush by one team of players against another team, or a long-range sniper unilateral strike. Instead of two teams, the player is in conflict .

[ Attack Defense Example

Scenario 1

Later in the game, We are in the circle, in the circle. The blue circle of the finals has already been opened. At this time, just outside the white circle, there is a team of targets moving with the blue circle. At this time, we can directly shoot the gun in the circle, and the opponent has a blue circle behind it, even if there is a bunker in front of it, it does not dare to pause. Unless the opponent is willing to bear the high damage of the ring, it can only continue with the scalp. Running, and afterwards, we can easily put down all the opponent’s targets and complete the shooting. Because the opponent has no room to fight back, we are attacking from beginning to end, and this can be called a unilateral strike.

Scenario 2

In the middle of the game, we are at The top position of the Y City Police Station, the airdrop is in the direction of our south, about 50 meters away. We have not only taken this airdrop, but we still don’t leave because we have to pick up other people. At this time, a Jeep is coming from a distance. At this time, what we need to do is to lie on the roof of the police station. Do not expose the gun to the outcrop. After the opponent approaches the airdrop parking, they can immediately get up and set fire. Many people set fire, opponents not only dare not get on the bus, the vehicle is still in danger of being swept. At this point, in addition to hiding in the airdrop or vehicle, the enemy did not retreat at all, and the vehicle was about to explode. The smoke was obviously too late. So far, a bloody case caused by airdrops was staged again! In this case, we can still become a unilateral strike. .

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No matter what the game, regardless of whether the opponent appears or is on the way, be sure to remember, see people open The gun is not the best choice. The first thing to consider is your own safety, as mentioned in the above scenario, the roof of the high-rise building next to the airdrop:

In scene 1, we only need to kneel or kneel at the top of the building, we can directly Avoid attacks from enemies in almost all directions.

In scene 2, the edge of the white circle is outside the circle The enemy, we are in the circle, we do not have the worries of running circles, so in the face of the enemy of the lap we only need to ensure that our shooting accuracy is good.

In a word, a good offense must be built on solidity. Above the defensive ! Therefore, unless you have to, you must avoid blind shooting, create a unilateral strike environment, and be the real way to eat chicken!