PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: Just more than the school and the Forbes Airport! Playground refresh location decryption

Recently, “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating Battlefield” officially updated the new game version, and the game content also closely followed the end-game content, and officially launched the 4×4 rainforest map Sano. In the face of this new map completely different from the old map, these long-awaited friends are crazy to brush this map .

Although the new 4×4 minimap is really appealing, don’t ignore the old map. I believe that those who are still playing old maps have already discovered that the birth point of the game on the old map of the island is different from before and has become an amusement park.

This amusement park is not easy, it is the most prosperous place in the entire island map, with a wide range of entertainment facilities. The swimming pool, the little yellow chicken and even a moving Ferris wheel. This Ferris wheel is a place to sit. The romantic Ferris wheel is definitely the most interesting spot for sister paper. When I take my sister, I bring my sister paper together and take a Ferris wheel. It is really romantic.

You think the amusement park is just Where is the place to take the girl? It’s a big mistake, and the amusement park is still a super-rich material refreshing point. The materials everywhere will definitely make you worthwhile, especially when the route just passes near the amusement park, you will find that the people who parachute are still the following dumplings, and the number is countless.

You may be thinking: you can also find the sisters to search for materials. Of course, such a good place should be kept in mind. Live the location, go to every game! It’s a pity to tell you that the location of the amusement park is not fixed. The location of the amusement park in each game will be randomly changed randomly, which is really a “tour” paradise.

So is there any way to quickly find the location of the amusement park? Although the playground is randomly refreshed, it is still relatively easy to find its location. The high-altitude hot air balloons and the Ferris wheel in the playground can be easily found by you.

However, there is still some randomness in this search method. Is there any way to get the most accurate positioning?

Don’t say, there is really a way to quickly locate the amusement park so that you can reach the amusement park at speed. Go to search and play.

I said it at the beginning. Now when the island map is born and prepared, it is in the amusement park. This also means that the location where you are now is the refreshing position of this amusement park. So you only need to open the game map when the game is ready to start the game, find the location you are currently on the map, and then mark the location.

This location is the refreshing location of this amusement park. After you board the plane, you only need to fly to the marked location. After landing, you are in front of a big amusement park, where you are filled with supplies waiting for you to search.