PUBG Mobile guide Rainforest is alive, it is a victory

Rainforest Map For many players, is just too good “苟”, whether it is Voldemort or a player who likes to pick up the card. I found endless fun in this map. However, because this map is hidden from other maps, it is really too strong! At the beginning, many players thought that the map was a 4V4 battlefield, but still 100 people participated in the game, so that it would become very dense. The fight is the same as the stimulus. But the dense jungle and the rich bunkers in the wild hit our faces. Let me share some suggestions for quickly getting familiar with this map!

First of all, we must know that some of the most popular resource points on this map, in fact, the most fat resource point is the point above the route. To know that in the 4X4 small map, we will land faster, so choosing a resource point within 500 meters will allow us to land faster and fight, so if we encounter the above picture The route, you must think about your landing position, otherwise it is easy to fall into the pile of people into the box.

Here we recommend the points as shown in the picture. There are a lot of small resource points near this point. I believe that the students who have been playing the rainforest recently know that the resources of the rainforest map are very rich and only need Collecting 2 to 3 resource points can basically meet the needs of the previous battles, even if it is not inferior to the hot spots (because the survival pressure of popular points is also great), here I give you black friends To make a small suggestion, we can collect these small resource points separately after landing, and then the captains mark the gathering place, and then gather together to carry out the breakout. This method is very excellent in terms of efficiency and security.

In actual combat, we need to pay attention to the surrounding situation at all times. Once we find that the exchange of fire is over, don’t be busy with “persuasion” but look for shelters for observation immediately, because the rainforest map is relatively small, and the small-scale crossfire is very It is easy to attract enemies around, so be sure to attack when the situation around you is clear, otherwise it will be easy to stage the tragedy of “scrapping the oriole.”

In the rainforest map, the speed of the security zone has been reduced, but the interval between them has become smaller, which makes it relatively easy to use the snap ring tactics in this map. Escape from the grid is a headache because of the use of the lap tactics in island or desert maps, but here, even if we encounter the usual so-called “the sacred circle”, it is completely possible to run in with the legs. The pressure on the collar has been greatly reduced. A reasonable use of this tactic can easily get a higher ranking, which is very helpful for the end of the season.

Finally, make a summary of this 4X4 map in the rainforest In the game, the rhythm of the game is quite fast. If you want to quickly get used to the rhythm of this map, you can try to practice the stimulating showdown. At the same time, the appearance of this map also indicates that the official gradually recognizes the existence of the tactics of squatting, and also hopes to speed up the tempo of the game under reasonable circumstances, which in fact greatly improves the gaming experience of the live players, because the map is reduced. The density of the player has become larger. Whether it is a live or a gun, it will encounter enemies more frequently. At this time, a good tactic can help us to break through. For the game, it is also a virtuous circle.