Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen, the battle of breaking the chaos, how to match the warm winter clothes

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s Battle of Chaos vs. Warm Winter Clothes How to match? Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s battle for warm winter clothes with high scores, today’s Xiaobian wants to bring you Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Chaos is the top match for warm winter clothes.

Level weight: Simple: Lively: Cute: Pure: Warm = 0.67:1:1.2:1.47:1.87

Level tag: Winter C

npc skills: smile picky and sleepy anti-pick

Recommended skills: blow kiss smile picky sleep


hair & emsp; & emsp; type: cheesecake · rare [into · public / pumping] > wheat & middot; gorgeous [in · less] > childlike encounter [wedding] > noble and precious gold [map]

even   clothing & ensp; Skirt: Xu your unique memories [set · pumping] (33864) > Hibernation (Figure) (33756) > Unknown joy [streaming] (32491) > velvet hanging neck skirt · gorgeous [in · public] (30249)

Upper    Clothing: Maple Candy Sweater [Less] (16991)> Christmas Sweater (Picture) (15899)> Baseball Top (Gold/Draw) (14737)

下下  装:Grey knit skirt [pumping] (16106)> Psychedelic ·妃[定·昼夜](12807)> Art teacher · (12644)> Red apron · rare [into · male / pumping] (12348)

outside    set: as always (streaming] > down vest [suck] > Grandma Gift [Gold/Pull]

Socks & emsp;  Set: 结 喵 铛 氪 氪 & & & 森 森 森 & & & & & & 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 星123>

Socks & emsp;   Son: Christmas Cocoa [Gold / Pumping] > Warm Maple Sugar [Gold / Pumping] > Warm Sugar Water [Drill / Draw]

Shoes & emsp; & emsp; :Sen Snow Boots [Gold]> Plus velvet shoes [Gold/Pull]> Lavender Boots [图]]

Makeup & emsp;  Rong: Cat Earl [Drill]> [流流]> 鸳鸯喵瞳[抽]> Holy Snow Scorpion [图]

The Spirit of Fluorescent: Rabbit and Romance (Jie Jieyun)> Bailu Qingya [Fusu]> Lingxi Magic Deer [Fusui]> Raspberry Mousse [Jie Jieyun]


Head    Decoration: Windy Leaf Falling Streamer]> and warm daylight [streaming] Gm purple · hat [pick] > 靛 绒 帽 []] gt; > New Year auspicious [Gold]

Head & emsp;   yarn: red cloak · rare [in · /抽]> red cloak · gorgeous [in · male / pumping] > sea soul scarf [sucking] > retro cap [picture] > mint velvet cap [gold]

hair & emsp;   card: gentle velvet [figure] > dream 憧憬 [set · sleep] > colorful hairpin [Figure] >> warm winter accompanied [less]

ear & emsp;   Mechanical Angel [Drill] > Lion Meng Ear [氪]> Taurus Horn [氪]> Capricorn Horn [氪]> Heart Moon Fox Ear (Star)

Ear    :灯瑞[金]> Static Heartbeat [图]> Holy Night Wish [Christmas]> Warm Winter Earrings [Less]> Snow Pompon · Large [Gold]

Wai  &ensp ; towel: natural gift [gold / pumping] > snowflake coco [pick] > winter encounter [streaming] > winter scarf [map]

item & emsp;   chain: soft bow tie [set & Middot; streamer]>Space-time collar ·mei [set · map]> colorful bow tie [图]> sweet collar · blue [set · stay up late]

handicraft · right: bow streamer · blue [定定·夜夜]> Bow Ribbon [昼夜]> Catkins bracelet [图]> Blooming neon [图]>> Bow bracelet ·Red [Gold]

Jewelry &middot ; Left: God’s Pen (Four Gods) > Doll Ribbon [Drill] > Jie Jieyun’s Dessert [Gold] > Laurel Bracelet [Gold]

Jewelry · Double: 姹紫 · Gloves [pumping] > Talmoon gloves [Fig.] > Flower Gloves (Setting · Pumping) > Time and Space Gloves · Rose [Setting · Figure]

Handheld · Right: Peach Heart Packet [ Gold / pumping] > guardian bear [wedding] = claws plush bag [dream square]

handheld · left: 提’s basket [gold] > warm ocean (sleeping dreams) > [流流]> Jinruifu Lamp [图]

Waist & emsp;  Decoration: Blessing Horn [Christmas] > Love Ceremony Box [图]> Small apron [图]> Guanghan Pei [图]> Sweet cheese [sign 15]> Zero restart [Gold]

Jewelry · special

Face & emsp;  Decoration: Sleeping insects [sleeping dreams] > Fireplace messenger [氪]> Sharp sight [dream square]> Color face clown [图]> Pork belly bag [Gold]

Chest & emsp;  Decoration: 压红红包 [氪]> Stagnation morning bell [drill]> Jiefu Lianyun [Hanguang]> Evergreen Snowman [氪]> White Rabbit Sugar [ Dream Square]

Pattern    Body: Meng Bear Eye Mask [Login] > Little Freckles [图]> Red Cheek [图]> Watching Star [图]> Time Limited]> Summer Memories [Gold]

Wings & emsp; Brown: Eternal Power [图]> Light Pink Fantasy [图]> Blue Sky (Figure)> Dawn Wing Night]> Little Devil’s Wing [图]

Tail   Ba: White Snow Golden Bell [Christmas]> Lingrui Monkey Tail [Gold]> Jinfu Monkey Tail [Gold]

before  &e Msp;景: Dancing youth [Gold]> One night fish dragon dance [氪]> Pirate dream elf [set · sleep]> Frost tiger [图]

After    Rabbit Lingbi [Star] > Nightmare Clinic [图]> Fortune Hengtong [氪]> Holy Night Fireplace (图)

Top    Decoration: Colorful Dreams (Set · Sleeping Dreams)&gt May Rose [Condensate]> Holy 棺[氪]> Broken shackles [图]

地  面:财滚滚(涵光)> 牡丹解语[四神]> Special offer small card [氪]> Rotating color ball [图]> Sakura tea [set · map]

Skin & emsp;  Skin: Passionate Sunshine [Login]> Time Limit]> Enthusiastic Melody [Limited Time]> Broken Puppet [图]

Well, the above is the love Nikki-Dress UP Queen brought to you by the Xiaobian, the chaos and the warm winter clothes. For more exciting content, please pay attention to the 18183Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen area.