PUBG Mobile guide Sanno map cloudy weather system debut, the rain is only waiting for you!

Strolling with the girl on a romantic rainy day seems to be a very romantic thing. But the chicken tells you that the most romantic thing is actually, in the romantic rainy day and the beloved sister, Sanno eats chicken!

Everyone has been eating chicken in sunny weather, so how can you eat chicken successfully in the rain? Don’t worry, the stranger of the tiger’s teeth is a stranger to bring you chicken tips. Master the latest weather system in Sanno, take the girl to eat chicken minutes!

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Video from Huya anchor strange

Different Different quality and brightness display

In the Legion vs. version, the Sano map updated the cloudy dynamic weather system. Adapted to a variety of image quality, HD and HDR quality is more obvious. At the same time, the new “screen brightness” adjustment function can quickly adjust the brightness of the screen of the mobile phone.

Heavy rain or heavy fog in the Sano map will appear randomly and will accompany the rain Thunder.

Rain and fog Weather is more suitable for assault Class Weapon

In rainy and foggy weather, due to low visibility, it is recommended to carry assault rifles and assault rifles. Because the Voldemort in the wild is less likely to be discovered, the sniper rifle is too restrictive by the field of view.

On the muzzle selection, choose silencer and flame arrester to hide yourself better in rainy and foggy weather.

Housing More suitable for combat

It is recommended to stay in the housing area in rainy and foggy weather, because as long as it is inside the room, the rain will be reduced a lot, and the surrounding situation can be found more timely. .

I usually like to drive for a ride. Friends who go to the top of the mountain can also take a break. The top of the rainy and foggy weather is white. One of the sly, and the other is Voldemort, who accidentally stepped on the enemy in the grass. The Sanno live version of minesweeping is probably described as this time.

Listening to the strange story tells so much little knowledge, Chickens think that there are certain skills in taking the chickens in the rain and fog. Here, the chicken still needs to remind everyone that the weather changes, please prevent a cold. Finally, I wish you all the best in the rain and fog!