PUBG Mobile guide Stimulate the battlefield: If the enemy has these equipments, you can completely understand your arrangements!

I don’t know when it started, the mobile game “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” seems to be more popular than the endgame “PUBG Mobile”. Many players have never played the end game “PUBG Mobile”, but they are addicted to it. You can’t extricate yourself in the game “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield”. Nowadays, “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” has already had a tendency to compare the “Glory of the King”. Of course, as two different types of games, we can’t compare the games themselves, just to compare the number of players. In “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield”, the number of game equipment is still relatively large, but some game equipment is recognized as a powerful equipment. If your enemy gets it, it is estimated that you can clearly understand your arrangement! Today we are here to attach such equipment, do not know if you have used them to arrange enemies, or have they been arranged by the enemy?

AWM Sniper Rifle

The most powerful weapon in PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield, with horrific lethality, equivalent to other shots The game is long Barrett. Even the long-lasting three-level head can’t resist AWM’s bullets. If you are exposed to the enemy’s vision of an AWM sniper rifle, then most of it will be arranged clearly. Especially when you are on the ground as Voldemort, you encounter an AWM sniper rifle, basically no room for resistance. Of course, if your body is fluid enough, you still have the opportunity to arrange an enemy!

GROZA assault rifle

In the game we usually call this gun a “dog dog”. In the words of speaking, there are people who often like to call it ” Dogs.” Whether it is the player or the game official, it is recognized that this is the strongest rifle in the melee, and the shooting speed does not seem to be lost to the submachine gun, but it is not inferior to the AKM damage. In the case of close combat, you can clearly understand the enemies. Of course, in the case of medium and long distances, this gun is not so easy to use. It is difficult to press the gun in the fully automatic mode, and it is not possible to install accessories that can reduce the recoil.

Mk14 Shooter Rifle

This is a shooter rifle that can be used as an assault rifle. When you lie on the ground, the muzzle is very good. In the case of the gun, the advantage is very obvious. Many players in the game, preferring the Mk14 shooter rifle in the airdrop box instead of the AWM sniper rifle. Because in the face of fast-moving enemies, the Mk14 shooter rifle has a higher fault tolerance rate, and it is completely possible to use a gun to solve the opponent. Especially in the face of multiple target enemies, Mk14 can also clearly understand the enemies.

S686 shotgun

The most common gun in the game, not to mention the ground is almost the same, then how to arrange this gun? ? Maybe you landed a set of costumes, but still can’t stop the S686’s two shots. This gun encounters people almost instantly ending the battle, or two guns directly solve the opponent, or just a bunch of hands. In the game, before the player has done experiments, full-defense three-level set, when encountering S686 at close range, there is no multi-defense effect, as long as both shots hit the torso, it will still be seconds!

Fragment Grenade

The last thing to say is throwing weapons, debris grenade! In fact, from the number of smashing grenade, it is also possible to distinguish a player’s segment, the low-segment player, rarely have more than three pieces of grenade, and the high-segment player is different. Players who have more than five pieces of grenade are very common. They often encounter players who have dozens of pieces of grenade. In the final round, they completely use the debris grenade as a mortar! It is worth mentioning that if you find enemies in the building, then use the debris grenade to arrange them!

I don’t know which of the few pieces of equipment you like best? Welcome comments! This article is played by the game super will play, welcome everyone to collect, share, like and pay attention!