Color Bump 3D Guide Color Bump 3D for all Levels

Color Bump 3D Guide.

Color Bump 3D is a fun physical marble type mobile game. There are a number of levels in the game. Below is a small series for everyone to introduce Color Bump 3D.

Color Bump 3D Raiders

In the game we can experience the most convenient and exciting game operation, we can control a small ball to constantly hit these interesting squares to complete the final challenge.

And as long as you reach your destination, the gameplay is very interesting, let us experience it together!

The game challenge is very good, and the delicate and interesting style is also an indispensable classic challenge in the game!

2 And the leaderboards in the game are very interesting, we can challenge the various leaderboards in the game to complete the battle!

The delicate and beautiful game screen makes you experience a very good picture battle, and work hard to clear the game together!

The whole game screen style is very beautiful, and the challenge in the whole game is very simple!

It’s very easy to get started with mobile games. Let’s work hard to challenge all kinds of difficulties. Different gameplay will let you leap into the sky!

Every challenge will be a test of your strength, the classic gameplay of test skills, will make you like it!

This is a very addictive game, but it gets a bit annoying every time you click on a level screen to enter an ad, so stop running so many ads.