Color Bump 3D Guide color bump 3D Summary?

Color Bump 3D Guide?

The game starts with a white ball. The finger presses the screen to control the speed and direction of the white ball. Here, the finger slides fast, the ball moves fast, and the movement speed of the ball can be controlled during the game. To achieve the goal of clearance, the area where the white ball moves is the white area in front, and it hangs when it touches other colors.

  • In addition to the stationary objects in the game, you will also use non-stop moving objects. At this time, you need to pay attention to the trajectory of the object movement, grasp the time and rush over, don’t just hit it, and many friends hang on it. These places, without pre-judgment, Shantou Qing directly hit it.

  • In the course of the game, you will encounter a horizontal bar, which is a dyed horizontal bar. When the white ball passes, it will become another color. At this time, you must slow down the speed, find the corresponding color and move it quickly. The lines are not too far from the objects in front, and the speed is too fast to hit the reaction, and you hang up.

  • In addition to obstacles of different colors in the game scene, there will be some traps. These traps are holes. They are also hanging when they fall in. Sometimes they are not obvious in the game scene, and they will easily fall into it. Even in the entire long trap, you will be placed at the end of the position, the average person will be happy to see it, and the result will fall in, so this should be carefully observed.

  • In the game scene, many times, you need to use the object of the current color to pass through the obstacles of other colors. At this time, you can speed up the impact of the ball, and use objects of the same color to knock the objects of different colors, so that you can smoothly Passed.

  • At the end of the game, only the finish line is considered a successful pass. The more you go to the end, the more careful you are. There are hidden ambushes at many end points, but in general, there is no problem. In short, be careful to make the ship. .