PUBG Mobile army attack shotgun S12K illustrations

Tags: Guns

PUBG Moble is attacked by the whole army. The S12K comes from the AK47 gun family. With the accessories of the automatic rifle, it is indeed a shotgun. The following is a description of the S12K performance attributes and tips on how to use them.

Gun type Shotgun Ammunition type 12Ga. Ammunition capacity 5 rounds Folder expansion None Rareness Rare Commentary Very high rate of fire, attacking artifact = hit damage = bare (upper body) level 1 body armor Level 2 body armor Level 3 body armor 92 85 78 69 Naked (head) Level 1 helmet Level 2 helmet Level 3 helmet 276 184 138 92 Red=1 shot to death Orange=2 shot to death Blue = 3 guns to death = accessories recommended =

Muzzle accessories: Silencer

Sight: 8x sight, red dot sight

magazine accessories: Expansion Folder (Important)

= Tips for Use =

The best accessory for S12K is the silencer + Expanding the magazine, 1vN or attacking the building is an artifact. In the S12K battle scene, the opponent is mostly squatting, A shot at the head and body joint , you can turn the target.

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