PUBG Mobile army attack pistol R1895 illustrations

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PUBG Moble has several kinds of pistols in the attack, R1895 is a revolver, the following is the R1895 performance attribute illustration, and the use of skill analysis.

Gun type Pistol Ammunition type 7.62mm Ammunition capacity 7 round Clip expansion Unable to expand Rareness Rare Commentary Powerful, long range, high precision, slow rate of fire =Hit damage = Naked (upper body) Level 1 body armor Level 2 body armor Level 3 body armor 42 39 36 32 (Head) Level 1 helmet Level 2 helmet Level 3 helmet 126 84 63 42 Red=1 shot to death Orange=2 Gun death Blue = 3 shots to death = Accessories recommended =

Muzzle accessories: Pistol Silencer

= Tips for use =

Has a very high base damage, crush all pistols, submachine guns and 5.56 series rifles, The most important role is when a landing shot is shot at . But in addition to power, other performance is not good.

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