Rise of Kingdoms guide for newer – Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Rise of Kingdoms is a new game for warfare.Many peopel dont konw how to play.Let see some guide for Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms Guide

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I suggest that you raise the trumpet as early as possible. If you start the game,
Set up an account in the same kingdom
The earlier you open it, the better. It has nothing to do with the simultaneous development of the master account.
Anyway, most of the time, the game is idle. There is absolutely time to run two games.
As a qualified trumpet, the only job is to send all resources to this account.
In the middle of the game, the resources are not enough. Most of the time, the construction workers and the college are out of work.
Some people will choose course resource pack, but I think small size is enough
The trumpet can also open four queues, equal to the same time, others have four queues in the collection
You have eight.
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Generally speaking, I suggest that you upgrade to Fort 17, open four queues, and then you can stop.

But it can also be developed as the case may be, and some technologies can be developed to speed up the collection.

Depending on the status of this account, military science and technology will not need to be taken care of. If they can’t use it, they can drive to T2 soldiers at most (they can get the gold key after the mission).

I prefer Byzantium as a trumpet, because it is very short of stones, and Byzantium has accelerated the collection of stones.

PS. it’s very difficult for the small-sized ship to reach 22 fort for the technology of stone accelerated mining.

So Byzantine 10% is quite practical.

Cavalry route:

万国觉醒怎么玩 新手攻略大全[多图]图片3
Focus on the cultivation of yuanyijing, the main cavalry route, krypton several gift bags, all the gold statues are invested in Cao Cao after one or two skill cards are in place; your Caesar has no need to continue to invest, after all, one or two skill cards are not in place.
After that, Zijiang can consider Sun Wu, yizhi, Zhende and Bailey. After each activity is done diligently, they can wake up. The reward is also very good. Don’t miss it.
Twenty three could have considered turning to civilization. After all, in addition to the explosive force in Germany, Teutonic Knights of characteristic arms are really out of hand. They recommend Byzantium or Arabia. At present, Arabia is the best cavalry civilization, and Byzantium is the second, but the fight does not delay the development. It depends on personal preference.