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nations awakening cracked version v1.0.6.20

[123 ]

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[ 123] how the nations awakening commander of choices, a lot of players do not know which powerful commander, followed by Chen to introduce hi-off nations awakening to select the strongest commander recommended.

nations awakening to select the strongest commander recommended

to select the initial amount of troops and the commander in chief is not high, most of the commander of use are pre-civilized man or krypton gold out, army soldiers first mixed team then amount more than the main

the following combinations as “Lord lieutenant +”, not necessarily exactly the same, but is recommended

(a) large krypton recommended commander (V14 above)

siege / build-up: “Hannibal, Caesar +”, “+ Scipio source Yoshitsune”

field: “Minamoto no Yoshitsune + Cao Cao.” , “Joan Scipio +”, “Caesar / Eulji Mundeok + Sun Wu”

(B) krypton recommended commander (V7 ~ V13)

siege / assembly: ” Scipio + source Yoshitsune “

field:” Minamoto no Yoshitsune + Cao Cao “,” Scipio + Joan of Arc, “” Ulchi Sun Wu Wende + “,” + Bei Lisa Boudicca left “

(C) zero micro krypton recommended commander (V1 ~ V6)