“Rise of Kingdoms” infantry infantry tips with how to use the Raiders -Rise of Kingdoms Guide

guide read have the “universal awakening” hand tour in what many little friends are more curious infantry as the basis for arms proper use, the infantry to how used, and as a very important core competencies infantry arms then and which, I believe these issues so many little friends have an interest …

hand tour in the “awakening of the nations,” the are there a lot of little friends are more curious infantry arms as the basis for proper use is to how to use the infantry, and as a very important core competencies infantry arms then and which, I believe a lot of these questions for little friends have an interest in it, then the next small partners interested to check it out and small series.

nations awakening infantry positive correct way to use

a core competency

defense, outnumbered, counter or AOE, easy to operate


is actually a infantry mobility is a relatively poor arms most of the time as the infantry arms for defense use, and attack when most of them come with the arms of the cavalry, cavalry, after all, is a more appropriate arms when human shields, but there is a saying that good only people have survived output.

reason to play more with less because of the infantry usually need to play the role of a major output of the key branches of the military is very strong output, so the infantry can best play a few, so can see the whole war can play a very important role, of course, infantry, though they have a very high output capability, but itself will become very brittle, and therefore require players to make reasonable arrangements for soldiersPlanted.

and counter-attack and AOE damage is the main means of attack or have, after all, the best offense is the best defense is not it.

and simple operation also out of consideration of the overall situation, but generally most of the infantry arms also appear, if it requires a lot of operations, it may put it as most of the players play the Star, so everyone should APM300? Well, this game can not play.

III summarizes

and this is the core competence of infantry, generals around these points is enough with the powerful.

These are the small series awakening Nine travel related presentations infantry in the right way you use for the nations finishing, please pay attention to follow-up on the phone Nine travel more exciting game content, for more information.