Is m416 better than AKM?

Obviously AKM gives more damage than M416 as its uses bigger 7.62 ammo but the recoil is very high which can be deciding factor of your winning and losing the game and the bullet velocity is lower than M416. … If you are a good recoil controller then you can use AKM but if you love stability then go for M416.


The AKM is a is a 7.62mm assault rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Hence the name, Kalashnikov Modernized Automatic rifle. It’s a modernized variation of the AK-47 and it was brought into administration with the Soviet Army in 1959. In Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, the AKM is for comrades in arms.

The AKM uses the 7.62mm cartridge. This type of 7.62mm is also compatible with the karabiner 98 Kurz, the M24 sniper rifle, the SKS and the r1895 handgun. Basically, you will be sharing these rounds if you are carrying any of the other weapons. The AKM has a 30 round magazine, and like every single essential weapon in battlegrounds, it has a standard capacity of 500. The AKM is equipped for specific discharge, shooting either single shots or programmed. The insights that you saw are the essential details, however, they can be improved on the off chance that you can discover the right attachment.


Let’s meet our second weapon, the M416. The Heckler and Koch HK416 is a strike rifle structured and made by Heckler and Koch. It depends on the AR-15 class of weapons and was initially considered as an improvement based on the Colt M4 carbine family issued to the U.S. military. Germans do this properly in battlegrounds.

The M416 uses the 5.56 mm cartridge. This type of ammunition is compatible with the M16a4, the Scar l, and the M249 light machine gun. The M416 has a 30 round magazine, and like all primary weapons in battlegrounds, it has a standard capacity of 500. It can also fire single shots or fully automatic. The gag mods are equivalent to the AKM with the glimmer hider, the silencer, and the compensator. The magazines and the sights are additionally precisely the equivalents however the M416 can likewise append a vertical foregrip or an angled foregrip and on top of that, you can also attach a tactical stock.

Similarities of Both The Guns

You will require 2 headshots to kill and that is substantial for both of these weapons, it doesn’t matter which kind of helmet your enemy is using. In the event that you happen to keep running into a person who has the most level of body armor then you will need 4 body shots to kill that guy.

The AKM has one major preferred standpoint over the M416 when you keep running into a level 2 body armor guy because the M416 will need 4 body shots to kill him but the AKM can kill that same guy quicker because it only needs 3 shots. That is additionally a similar measure of slugs that both of these firearms need to complete of a person with zero body armor or with level 1 body armor. As you can see the bullet pattern is slightly tighter for the AKM, it has a snake-like pattern while the M416 has a less linear pattern before it pulls up and to the left.


To summarize, the AKM has better details for power ratingrange and security yet it loses big time when you look at the firing rate. The result of this is that M416 can bargain more harm per second, except it will require an extra bullet if you are facing a guy with level 2 armor.

So, which one is best? I think it totally depends on individual choice. If you are good at recoil control then you can use AKM but if you want stability then go with the M416.

Now that you know everything about these 2 guns, I’m sure that you will be able to select the right gun for your playstyle and for that chicken dinner.

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