Township -What positions do co-ops have? – [English]

What positions do co-ops have?

The different co-op positions available help manage the co-op as a whole. There are four positions available at the moment:

Leader. This is the player who created the co-op and can change its settings. The leader can invite new members to the co-op, promote and demote them, and promote another member to the position of Co-leader.
Co-leaders. These are members that help their Leaders, as only Leaders and Co-leaders can promote members to this position. While they can do almost everything Leaders can, Co-leaders aren’t allowed to demote or kick the Leader.
Elders. These are members who can invite other players and accept or decline their requests to join the co-op. Leaders and Elders are in charge of deciding who will be in the co-op and monitoring the chat.
Members. These are the rank-and-file players, and they can request or donate products and interact in the chat. Members can be promoted (they just have to ask the Leader or Co-leaders to do it for them).

If the Leader leaves the co-op without promoting a replacement, the position will be assumed by the player:
– with the highest rank in the co-op
– who has been a member of the co-op the longest