Township -Regatta Leaderboard – [English]

Regatta Leaderboard

The Regatta Leaderboard only shows Golden League co-op results. Co-ops are rated based on their performance in the Golden League over the previous four weeks, with the total amount of points updated every week once the results of the latest regatta have been finalized.

Here’s how the points are calculated: an average member score plus position and co-op size bonus points minus penalty points for dumped tasks.
– The average member score is the total co-op score in the latest regatta divided by the number of members who participated in it.
– The co-op size bonus is based on the number of regatta participants in your co-op. The more members there are, the bigger the bonus is.
– The position bonus means that the higher your position in the regatta, the more points you get.
– The penalty for dumped tasks is based on the number of tasks dumped from the common task board in the previous regatta divided by the number of co-op participants in that race.

If members leave or get kicked out of their co-op during a race, the points they earn still counttoward the co-op’s total score.

PLEASE NOTEthat your Leaderboard record will be reset if your co-op is demoted from the Golden League to a lower one.